James Chambers

Parole is on the table again in washington ! and it is needed in our state because we have peaple serving 20 years or more for nonviolent crimes like myself ! i recieved a 39 year sentence for drug offenses in 1999 and wont be released until 2027 by the way this is my first time in prison ! if nothing changes ! i have served this time with my family by my side i watched my six kids grow up in visit room ! i know watch my grandchildren grow up in visit room ! my mother children and grandchildren are what keep me strong i have managed to become a positive force inside the prison my passion has become teaching men how important they are to their children and that they can still be positive role models and that they must stay involved in childrens lives because nothing can replace a fathers love and i also teach them the statistics of children of incarcerated parents that 7 out of 10 children end up in system and that is very scary for fathers but i have managed to stay involved with every fathering program like long distance dads i taught for 10 years at mcneil island correction center and now im teach parenting inside out and i love watching fathers really get it ! also i have remand infraction free for 17 years and my family and friend have stood by me though all these years i believe eveyone deserves a second chance and out washington state legislators need to come to prisons meet with the men and women serving these crazy sentences and see that we are sons, fathers , grandpa, and moms and daughters , and grandma, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters ! oru legislators need to put faces and stories to this problem

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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