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I have had Willy now for 8 days. Steve and I started off with the normal basic commands we teach our dogs. They are:

Leave-it ( just like “NO” )

Normally this takes a few weeks to get all of these down. For the dog to learn them and do it on a consistent basis takes time, effort and consistency.

Thing is Willy caught on to those so fast and does all of them really well that he and I were getting board going over the same commands every day.

It was like we had been doing this for a month all ready. In reality its just been a few days.

I am blown away at how well this dog is doing!

So Steve and I decided to expand on Willy’s knowledge and skills. We have been giving Willy more and more stimulation everyday.

It seems, he thrives on learning and wanting to please us.

When he got here he knew how to sit but didn’t do it every time or stay sitting after we said good boy.

Now he sits and waits for the next cue on what we want him to do.

Its like playing a game of simon says with him all day. He listens way better when you say his name rather then just the command of what you want him to do.

We have been trying to come up with new and different things that we think he might be able to learn or do.

So far we have got him to learn and do over 20 different commands or cues. They are:

HEEL : ( willy is to be at your left side. Doesent matter if your walking or standing in place.
SIT : willy will sit until you release him from he command.
DOWN : willy will lay down until you release him from the command.
STAY : willy will stay until you release him from the command.
COME : Willy should come and sit right in front of you.
MATT : Willy should go to his blanket or matt that you have designated as his.
KENNEL : the outside area that is fenced in
CRATE : goes into the crate when told
JUMP : jumps strait up on a voice command
UP : when you want willy to get up on something. point and say up.
OFF : when you want willy to get off something. whether it be off you or the couch.
LEAV-IT : when you want willy to leave something be or divert his attention to something else.
DROP-IT : willy will drop what ever is in his mouth
SHAKE : when sitting he will lift his paw and shake
BACK-UP : When you wave your hand as to shoo him away but say backup willy will walk backwards
EAT : willy stays on his matt at dinner time until I am done filling his bowl and then I’ll tell him ‘EAT’
WATER : I point to his water bowl or any water for that matter and say ‘WATER’
PAWS-UP : just to put paw on an object.
CATCH : to catch a toy or treat
GET YOUR TOY : to find His toy whatever it might be
GO HOME : willy will run back to the cell wherever he is in the dayroom
DOGGY BURPIE : tell him to “jump” and before he comes down tell him to “down” then repeat over and over again.

This is a good start to Willy’s life to a fantastic obedient dog.

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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  1. I’ve read that some dogs can understand up to 200 words and are as intelligent as 3-year olds. If that’s true, you have to wonder why they’re mans’ best friends. Did you ever notice that dog spelled backward is God?


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