Ruben McGee

Well whats-up Free World!!!!


It’s young Rubi here live from the concrete jungles of Cllallam Bay prison…wanting to express how important it is for those out there to take advantage of the WWW.JPAY.COM site, which is specifically designed for us incarcerated. I already know that people have everyday hustle&bustle etc-etc…but an email or letter goes a very long way for someone locked up!!!! Espaecially on the darkest days,we just need someone to brighten that on some sorta level & the JPAY is absoutley perfect for such matters! šŸ™‚ Not to mention that everything is pretty much online now-a-days as it is,so …why not use that extra moment or two for a quick hello on the JPAY????
Family,friends, & strangers are all WELCOME
to get at me & share your stories about youre loved ones on lockdown…I want to hear from whoever has it in them to unleash their inhibitions!!! until then, please log on to WWW.JPAY.COM & simply put my name/doc#
and write to me directly on here with your world
until then,stay safe out there!

Ruben McGee
DOC #743792


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