Steve Anderson

THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU NEED TO NOT JUST KNOW,, but really really understand…..

These are some very good wonderful knowledgeable facts that you can either think about and then act on, are you have the rights to
ponder on, but please keep in mind they are known facts..

If somebody controls your emotions, then they control your attitude..

If someone control your attitude, then they control your actions..

If someone controls your actions, then they control your destiny..

Now if you ever reach your lowest point in life unknowingly are
by other people’s words or actions, then again it could be by
your own comings (we call them miss moves) be truthful with yourself..

On the same note please understand no storm last forever and selfinflickedretardation is to deadliest diseases, cause its inflicted within yourself, whenever you not think..

Please know with certainty that God has not forsaken you, {so never
ask Him why me}..

At this time you should be asking God for strength to see
you through this matter at hand, and to make you stronger and
trying to find out want He wants you to learn from this experience..

You’ll always find out who your true friends are when you’re down
and out..

This is the best things about time and life it’ll tell you a
story, as time goes by you will also come to a point in
life too needing these tools for self and to share with others
that play fair..

These tools will assist you with your travel in time and with
your dealings in life..

strength, knowledge, faith, understanding, and wisdom, along with learning who God sent to truly care and love you, with all
the laws starting with faith, hope, integrity, loyalty, honour to and for, honesty, trust, in giving another persons time and understanding..

I’m hoping all went wonderful for everyone on x-mass, you ate good,
and was apart of creating trophy memories for self and others, there
stored in one heart and can be recalled at anytime, so with
that right alone I ask why would you ever have a bad day ? ?

By having a bad day it’s a strong notion that you will give the
power away that God invested in you, it’s not to be handed
or controlled by another persons words and actions..

Its true it’s a bad ideal to speak when one is angry, using
the worng words has the power to leave one in an unfair
state of mind..

And it sure in the hell will tell you a story on how they
feel about you, cause the people that cares and loves you will
always pay attention to what they say and how they say it,
understanding that communication make us rich..

In us having and understanding the true meaning of the many ways
knowledge is be used one come to knows what will start a war,
and it’s no wins in war, just more misunderstanding, communication makes us knowledgeable people only if we use it correctly…..{THE END}


I started back blogging on [10/13/2016] at that time I had #-194 blogs already posted.. Someone told me it says I have #- 215 blogs posted.

As you see I come to love
blogging and a I’m real serious about the words I give, and I don’t do
word wars you have a right to have an opinion, shit I welcome
all thoughts also just keep it 100%..

I just really appreciate you giving your time, and words,~ (THANK YOU KINDLY)..

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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