Patrick Spurlock

“Presidential Debate Over Democracy Under Our Declaration Of Independence? Not!”
[circa (10/07/2012)]

Let us all return for a minute to the word Democracy.

If we were to start with a tangible point of reference; say, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, would or should that mean that WE THE PEOPLE established Ourselves by force of arms first.
Then, WE THE PEOPLE moved under that most Transcendent – Sovereign Authority, codifying Ourselves as such a Sovereign – Transcendent Legislative Authority, as evidenced by The Declaration Of Independence?

I suppose that if any of the above is true, then the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERACY — and its Ratified Constitution are merely and purely “administrative codifications”. This will logically and materially mean that all forms of government crafted under the Authority of WE THE PEOPLE are duly instituted so that WE can More Perfectly administer and protect the core Object Of OUR POSTERITY.
To speak plainly; the Lives, Liberty, Equity, and Equality of Our Future generations. Indeed, all Our “Happiness” Resides In The Eyes Of Our Children.

Therefore, any high level debate, especially one going to the central administrative seat(the Oval Office), must necessarily focus on or, at the very least, revolve directly around the three essentials of Democracy under Our Declaration Of Independence:

i) We The People giving directions to Our government and its individual officers and agents;

ii) We The People investigating Our government’s Office holders; and

iii) We The People censoring Our officials and punishing them, without government interference or approval being required, when We believe they have not fully or faithfully carried forth the PUBLIC TRUST.

Without The People having and exercising a “user friendly” mechanism with which to guide, investigate, censor and punish Our “employees” — to coin the expression recently offered by Marco Rubio{the Gentleman from Florida: in his speech at the GOP national convention}, We can never hope to solidify OUR SOVEREIGN INFLUENCE upon OUR government employees as We have witnessed the lobbyist doing.

To say that the only options We The People have at are disposal, with which to govern the activities of Our government employees, are those put out to US by the banking cartels is – of itself and alone – an intolerable set of circumstances.
Under these conditions, it won’t be long before Vladimir Putin will be giving US OUR government officials.


Patrick Spurlock
DOC #882513

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