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I have a wonderful idea. I’m going to buy a “holiday pack” and send it to my 6 year old niece for Christmas.

A ” holiday pack” is a special fund raising item that the prison sells once a year in December. The “holiday packs” are $8, and consists of a bunch of junk food. The items are:

Ding Dongs
1 oz bag of regular plain chips
BBQ chips
Honey BBQ chips
Chocolate mini bite cookies
A single pop tart
Mini doughnuts
Iced oatmeal cookies
Butter Finger
Baby Ruth
A meat and cheese snack
A juice packet
And a single pack of oatmeal


I’m so excited! I think she will really enjoy this surprise.


After thinking about it for awhile, I’m a little concerned. I also have two more nieces and a nephew. They’re 3 year old Triplets. Will they get jealous? They probably will. Oh man, what should I do?

I should have gotten them all mega packs! And now its too late to order any more. There’s only one solution here. Send them all a package!

I quickly order $25 worth of junk food from the prison commissary. I order :

4 Gummi Bears
4 Packs of cookies
4 M&M Plain
4 M&M Peanut
4 Lemon Drops
4 Jelly Beans
4 Tootsie Rolls
4 Packs of Peanuts
4 Apple Cider Packs


I’ll make my own holiday packs. All four of my beautiful nieces and nephew will get their very own fun food box from Uncle Jesse.


Today I picked up my commissary. I was so excited to make up these gift packs for my nieces and nephew.


I spent 4 hours making these custom boxes full of goodies.  Now all I gotta do is send them out! If only it was that easy.


I really should have planned all this out better than I did.

I forgot a few steps. This next one was a big one.

I have to send a kite to the property SGT explaining what I want to send out. Then he has to put me on the institution call out to go to property to mail it out. I was thinking it might take a day or two.

Boy was I wrong!

I just found out today that he only answers his mail out kites on Monday’s. He then puts people on the call-outs on Thursday’s to mail out the items.

I just put my kite into the mail box tonight.

When the commissary didn’t come till the 21st, and not realizing the lenght of time it will take the kite to get to the property SGT, and then the holiday days making the weeks short. Its going to take what seems like forever.

The kids won’t get any of there gifts till the 5th or 6th of next year! Man, did I drop the ball. Thats what I get for these last minute decisions.

Well the bright side is that after all the excitement of x-mas is over and they are tired of all their new stuff. Look who comes in and brightens up their day with presents? Me, Uncle Jesse.
they get big boxes of yummys and goodies.


Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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