Patrick Spurlock

To: SF Bay View[circa (12/03/2012)]

Re: “Cynthia McKinney on leadership”, By Paul Craig Roberts ~ Nov. 2012 issue

A “Leader” gives their People three things in exchange for three:

1) He or She gives their People a well conceived-unifying ideology;

2) A solid self-defense, self education and materials acquisition plan;

3) A form of self governance most condusive to these objectives.

In realizing these three advents, such a Leader must receive and demand from Her or His People the following:
Absolute Loyalty, Absolute Obedience, and Absolute Pardon.

Indeed, those that will give-away their essential liberty for security, deserve neither liberty nor security.

Under this framework it is clear that Cynthia McKinney is not the kind of leader the African American Community needs.

Not merely because she was unable to define what a leader is or does but, more so because she did not have the courage to say that either she does not know what a leader is or does;
Or, because she did want Her People getting any big ideas about how WE The People should be governing Ourselves, individually and collectively, in preparation for the challenges at Our front door.
If the latter is the case, WE are talking about plain treason against The People, especially those of African lineage, here in the United States.
If the former is true, it would help to explain her obvious naivety and dismay over what the European Ashkenazi ZIONIST did(orchestrating the rezoning of her voting district out of existence, thereby removing her from Congress) and , how easy it was for the foreign zealots to have an American Congress-Person removed from Congress.

And, in spite of Mr. Paul Craig Roberts scholarship, his interview does not help US answer any of these most important social, legal and political questions.


Patrick Spurlock
DOC #882513

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