When I woke up this morning I was in a pretty good mood. The first thing on my mind was my fantasy food ball team and how well it is going to do . And that football is going to be on TV all day.

I thought about calling home to hear how all the kids are doing and to say hi to some family I don’t normally talk to.

I also want to work on finishing my presents for my nieces and nephew.

I bet its going to be a good day

I was a pretty good day. I was hootin and hollarin most of the morning and eating cookies and drinking a 12oz soda.

I took Willy out side, played and trained with him. He is learning stuff so fast. That makes it even more fun when that happens.

Just Willy being here through the holidays is a gift in it’s self. And that’s assume.

I called home this afternoon and made my rounds at the house. That was nice but also a awkward at times.

The action with all the little kids running around making noise and trying to keep a persons attendtion over the phone is hard. Sometimes defeating.

I got to finish the wrapping of a the presents today with leftover comics.

Then took Willy outside to play more before we lockdown for the night. He is so much fun!

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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