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We The People (vol. 1)

To: WE THE PEOPLE -vol.1
[circa 07/07/2011]
Title: “Gun Control, Oscar Grant & The Slaughter In Syria”

Am I drunk? Or am I simply not paying proper attention!

With so many politician’s speaking so vaguely about Patriot’s Day and the battles at Lexington and around Boston, I felt the need to reflect upon the critical facts of U.S. history because there appears to be an intentional effort to talk around said facts.
If my memory of any of my studies proves correct, the War For Independence was all about WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES being forced to take up arms against government officials in lieu of the King’s refusal to hear and support the Justified concerns of the Colonists.
Amongst the apex of said concerns are those surrounding the Red Coat’s unlawful confiscations, abuse of, and the Killing of the citizens without right.
Fortunately, WE THE PEOPLE were able to arm, organize, and ultimately defeat the tyrant and his footmen. However, in light of those extremely difficult efforts, WE are presented with three high priority questions:
1) How difficult was it for the Free Syrian Army to arm and organize itself?;
2) How many Syrian civilians(non-combatants) did the government get to slaughter before the People Of Syria became willing and able to fight back?;and
3) How sensitive are U.S.Government Officials to the fact of other U.S.Government Agent’s killing THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES?….

Let us start by remembering the first invasion of Iraq.
When the U.S.Government declared it’s now infamous “end of hostilities”, Sadam’s army was permitted to slaughter an estimated 300,000 Iraqi civilians(non-combatants), while the Beltway Politicians ordered U.S.Troops to stand silently by the wayside and observe the Officially Ordered exterminations.
Those who don’t stand for something, will fall for anything. And, thus it is that I say, “Gun Control Is The Banana In The Tailpipe”. LISTEN UP PEOPLE!

If the government wants to eliminate public access to assault type weapons, they should first lead by example — no!!!!
I have not heard one politician, nor Law Enforcement Official, make this simple and good faith proposition. Thereby, I propose, that Our government officials are absolutely void of anything good —- including faith.
Of even greater importance are those historical facts specific to the United States. This is to say and recognize the fact that WE THE PEOPLE, in Our Unalienable Right and responsibility too arms, were endowed by Our Creator with this inherent interest in arms.
This fact is testified to in that it precedes even Our Declaration Of Independence by at least a year or two. Thus, any effort to revoke or even regulate this Transcendent-Sovereign authorization can only be excepted to by the extremely suspicious but always prepared Patriot.
Even the legally acute view will have to concede to the fact that The Declaration Of Independence must take eminence far above and beyond any merely peripheral Articles, notwithstanding how such Articles may be ratified.

This is the reasoning which returns our focus to the more practical, common sense, concerns of THE PEOPLE regarding how vigorously U.S.Officials strictly obey constitutional limits – particularly armed government officials. In other words, how often do government officials threaten to use force or, actually use force against WE THE PEOPLE?;
Who decides when a government official must be tried and or punished for a possible violation of the PUBLIC TRUST — is it the government or THE PEOPLE?;
How severe are the punishments for government personnel when they are found to have violated the PUBLIC TRUST?; and
How obedient and efficient are government officials when it comes to hearing and acting according to THE PEOPLE’s demands????

As to all of these centrist concerns Our government is an absolute failure. And, particularly so when it comes to the use of deadly force.
Constitutional limits did nothing to protect the pre-teenage son, or wife, of Randy Weaver… the Branch Davidians nor Mr.Oscar Grant.
In remembering the Weaver tragedy, I recall the fact that armed government officials entered onto the Weaver property without want nor warrant and opened fire on the first person they could see. Mrs. Weaver was then gunned down as she went outside in response to hearing her child’s cries for help during the shooting.
Without first explaining why the government had it’s Agents sneaking around the Weaver estate, Mr.Weaver was arrested and prosecuted for the deaths that occurred during this unlawful incursion.
The government’s response to the execution style murder of Mr.Oscar Grant is just as careless. The courts chose leniency because of the tears officer Meserle cried while testifying on the witness stand.
Are We to presume that the Judge was not aware of the tears of Mr. Grants’ small daughter? After all, that court was often reminded of the trauma Mr. Grant’s child was experiencing due to her father’s unexplainable disappearance. Up against the tears of that little girl, officer Meserle’s tears are pure fraud. And where was Obama? Out kissing the Pope’s feet.
These are the same politicians who are patiently waiting in obvious anticipation for Syrian Officials to slaughter off The People.
At the same time, I have not heard any U.S.Officials mention the idea of downsizing the capacity of ammunition magazines used by government officials. Nor have any of these officials mentioned the idea of setting aside the use, by Law Enforcement officials, of those cumbersome anti-personnel and incendiary handgrenades.
For me, this understanding explains clearly what all these
Manchurian-Candidates are truly after.
You tell Me, under these conditions, what do You think Ben Franklin, Nat Turner, and Rev.John Brown would say about gun control!!!!

{Available also at,P.K_#882513}

Patrick Spurlock
DOC #882513


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