Steve Anderson

Knowledge is better then wealth , for knowledge guards you while you have to guard your wealth…

knowledge increases the actions but wealth gradually decreases as it is spent…

Indeed reverting back to the truth is better then continuing in something false and wrong…

There examples are found in the hearts, cause the hearts are receptacles, so the best of them are the most attentive…

Look ! Indeed here – [and he pointed to his chest with his hand there] in there is knowledge !

If only I could find for it people who will carry it !

Cause the example of those who disbelieve is as that of the
Shepherd who shouts to those -(flock of sheep)- that their hear nothing
but calls and cries -[they are]- deaf, dumb and blind, so they
do not understand…

Indeed we are in an era which the companions of the he
Prophet use to seek refuge from encountering, and yet they had knowledge which we do not have, and they had a place of honour
which we do not have…

So how is it for us now that we have reached that point
in time inhaving scanty knowledge, little patience, few people who assist in the goodness that we was taught at a young age…

The corruption among the people of disbeif, the destress all over the world brings dangerous times even to the innocent has become high pry if not victim’s for the taking of another life….

Indeed whoever has a good intention and makes their intentions sincer concerning what exist between them and God, then God will defined them and repel the evil and harm that exists between them and the people….


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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