Jesse Bailey



I was called down to master control today to pick up my new dog.

I had a hard time controlling my excitement when I was told to go get him. Another doghandler and myself went together. We each had one waiting for us.

His was a 2 yr old Blueheeler Border Collie mix named Cleveland. Very cute! He had longer hair like a collie but his color was like a heeler’s.

Mine is a 11 month old BlueHeeler named Willy. I was told he is a pure breed. He is very lovable and happy. He was really dirty and boy did he stink.

First thing my celly Steve, and I did was bathe him. It took us lathering him up 3 different times before the brownish urine smelling water stopped comming off him.

Why would a dog smell like that and where could he have been kept to get like that?

I was told he was a D.O.C. surrender. That means he was being trained by D.O.C. to be some kinda work dog but failed in some way. So they took him back to the shelter, he was picked up brought in here and now I have him.

Now we have a clean looking and fresh smelling dog. He has a fresh start now and now we can begin to train him in some basic household commands.

We will start with Heel and work down the list of commands.They are Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Mat, Crate, off, Leave-it and take-it. We will probly come up with others and some trucks too.

Time to have some fun…..

This is our first picture together. Isn’t he he cutest thing?

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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