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CONCERNING INNOVATION, being worse then major sins…

Let start this off by giving the definition of [INNOVATION]~ in Islaam….

Anyone who takes or adds to the religion or adding of partners
too [GOD]..

“This means that innovation is greater then the major sins because it
is to find deficiency in Islaam, and it introduces things into Islam
and it is an implicit way of accusing Islaam of being deficient..

This is why the person innovates and adds things (I,e. because he feels Islaam is not enough as it is)..

In reference to the sins, then it is following the desires and
obeying the devil so it is lighter then innovation, and the one
who commits sins may repent and rush to do good and adhere
to the truth.

But the person of innovation, he thinks that he is correct and
that he is striving upon goodness..

Therefore he continues with the innovation..

We seek refuge with God from this..

He thinks the world is deficient, so he needs his innovation..

For this reason , the matter of innovation is more serious and dangerous then acts of disobedience (i,e. sins)..

God, the Most High, said regarding the people of sins (the English meaning is),

But He forgives that (anything else) to whom He pleases..”

So the people that commit sinful acts of disobedience are left to
the will of God, and the people of innovation, their sin is tremendous
and the danger of their affairs is severe because their innovation means that Islaam is deficient and that it needs this innovation..

The person that comment innovation acts thinks that he is right, and he
persists in it, and remains upon it, and he argues in defense of it..

We ask God for guidance, safety, and forgiveness for our sins, and
to safegard us all- (from sins and innovation act’s that are displeasing
to (GOD)….

Alittlle sound knowledge of one of the danger of not adhering to
the Qur’aan and the Sunnah, the straight path….

Thank You Kindly For Your Time, And Please Always Do What You Can (Not Just Because It’s~ X-Mass)~ Do it Cause We Should Always Assist The Struggle As Much As WE Can….


This first statement can be true or not, only you can answer [IT]…

It’s much research that needs to be done all in a timely fashion,
starting within yourself [FIRST]…

Then maybe alittle field work is needed, this and other exercises are
in place so that you can be sure to making the sound decisions
that’ll deliver success to yourself and your [LEGACY]…

Now sure many can be apart of legacy the legacy, the more
the better as long as everyone plays their [POSITION…

I wouldn’t expect you to have all the answers to these questions, so
let just have faith and hope you gear your mind to ponder and
research within for sound [ANSWERS]…

I still think there is value in your considering what you want your
life to stand [FOR]…

A good way to start things moving to in the detection is to
vision the big picture, and ask yourself at the same time why
do I wish to [LEAD] ? ?

Please be mindful it’s no reason to making this a quick [PROCESS]…

People if you really don’t engage in doing the homework, I’m sorry to say in the long run all will be a waste of your [LIFE]…

By doing the homework, it’s promising growth within and a solidify foundation of your [LEGACY]…

The ideal of legacy is closely related to a person’s sense of purpose in [LIFE]…

You must answer many questions as to why are you [HERE] ? ?

What gifts and skills do you possess that relate to your highest
potential as a human [BEING] ? ?

What unique opportunities do you possess based on your personal circumstances ? and what’s happening in the world around [YOU] ? ?

Who might you be able to impact ? and what might you be
able to accomplish as a leader in your life [TIME] ? ?

Based on the ideals you developed concerning the legacy you want to [LEAVE]…

This is the most imperative part cause its all on what’s within you that’s going to a sign you to be a leader and to leaving a fruitful long lasting [LEGACY]…

So I ask what must you change in the way you conduct yourself ? so that you live your [LEGACY]…

You must write these things down, I’m going to assist you so you can vision the picture of your [LEGACY]…

Your list may include behavviour changes, character development, education, working methods, relationship building styles, and so [ON]…

Only by changing the way you live will you be able to
create the legacy you want to [LEAVE]…

In whom will you invest to carry on your [LEGACY] ? you should pick people with greater potential then your own who will be able to “stand on your shoulders” and do the same amount or more then you [DID]…

People invest in what they believe in, so brainstorm is your [RIGHT]…


*And most important last words I could ever say is> Don’t let a bad situation difine who you are, we all can gain experience and knowledge from the good just as bad that has a right to come our way,
we must ponder on God’s words (you will all be tested), with the
good and bad…

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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