Jesse Bailey

SHACK CITY (part 2)

These shacks are a good idea however I believe it wasn’t quite thought all the way through.

The shacks are 8×8 and 9 feet tall. They are made out of aluminium. All the framework is aluminium except for the 4 bunks and the door. Those are both made from mild steel.

The floor is a polyurethane honeycombed sheet that’s a 1 inch thick. It has a foggy white haze to it.

The walls are the same polyurethane but just 1/2inch thick with the same foggy white haze to it. It attaches to the aluminum frame and acts as the outside wall.

The ceiling is a clear ridged polycarbonate panel for light to come through.This is all the roof is. Just that polycarbonate panel and a piece of flashing that crests the middle seam of the roof to keep rain water out.

The beds are a steel frame hooked to the wall with just two bolts it pivots on. Because they fold up when not in use. They lock in a down position with a pin and sit on two little ledges that support it.

The front door is steel also. It like the put a bank vault door on a plastic shack. I heard it was to make it more secure.

Makes no sense to me. Why not use the same material as the rest of the shack? Going through the wall is easier than breaking the front door. The wall is basically plastic.

The whole shack is supost to be able to be light and cheap to ship places. It all breaks down and comes apart in 30 mins and sits on a 8×8 palette only 12inches high.

That’s great in all, but looking at it from a criminal standpoint because that’s what I am. Its easy money to me.

That whole thing is aluminum right? There are recycling places that take that kind of stuff and give you money for it. These people are going to sell their Shacks for cash. Meth heads or other druggies, even other thieves that need quick money are going to rob them, steal the houses and sell them for drug money.

This project is a good idea and for a good cause but I believe there is a big flaw in it with the choice of material to use for the homeless project.

Aluminum is a great choice if the product is going to be used for missionaries or the peace corps over seas.

I believe that this project is a starting point for things like that.

All in all, I am learning and having fun doing it. And I am helping society too. I am trying to better myself and this is a good thing to be involved in on that journey.

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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  1. Hey Jesse. Loved learning about The Shack project from you. Was a bit sad though that you thought they wouldn’t solve the homeless problem. You got any ideas on how to solve the drug problem because they, as you write it seems to be closely related. Have a good Christmas. Carla.


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