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At the end of the Factory there is a area that CI power coats all the metal products that gets made there.

Right now CI is upgrading some of the power coating system.

If you don’t know what that is that is, thats OK, I’ll explain it a little bit.

Its a coating that is sprayed on metal that protects it a lot better than paint. Its stronger and more rugged than paint but the process is a lot more indepth.

We have a long Convair belt where all the pieces are hung to be powercoated as they work their way through the power coat system.

The first stage, is the wash plant. It washes and cleans all the dirt and oils off the parts.

The second stage is a huge oven that drys the parts at around 500. Its about 40 feet long and 10 feet wide. Big enough where two people could walk through it side by side.

Then goes through the spray booth where someone sprays the power coat on. The power coat is basicly very tiny plastic pellets that stick to the parts.

Then it goes through a second oven that cooks the power coat on and then snakes through a section that lets the parts cool before it is removed from the line.

Its pretty neat how the whole process works.

So what CI is doing right now is they are replacing the giant wash tank. The powder coat area was shut down and the wash tank was torn apart. It was taken apart in sections and forklifted out of here.

CI then went and bought a new one. Between tearing apart, getting ride of it and buying a new one they spent $280,000.

The old one was all sheetmetal and pipe. The new is Stainless steel, plastic and PVC piping.

First thing they brought in was the stainless steel bottom. This is where all the water goes and the tanks are.

A Crew of 3 from the company came in to put it together by welding each section together.

Out of all the tools they brought with them they had to barrow a welder, welding hood and leathers to wear. Each section is not bolted together anywhere on it. Its all welded. I had to ask myself why they didn’t bring a welder or even any of the other things they needed like the hood and leathers?

An ways, they spent a week on welding all these section together. During that time a few of the Bosses were watching along with a lot of inmates, including myself.

I didn’t know much about the cost of the wash plant was or how they decided on this particular company to make the it.

During the week I had noticed my Boss looking over the wash plant as if was inspecting it. So I saw this as my opportunity to ask some questions. So I walked over and started to bullshit with him about the plant and other like subjects.

I inquired about the cost of it and the company among other things.

I found out that the the company is a family owned business and the total cost of the whole project was over a quarter million $.

He also brought up welding of the plant. Asked me if I had gone up to it and checked out any of the welding on it.

I hadn’t yet so we both went to look at it. First he lead me to the back portion of it.

When I looked at it I was blown away. I was so surprised at what I saw The beads were awful. I mean it looked like a blind man welded it. It was bad! Its like they just started welding. 1/4 mill for this!?

I turned and looked at my boss and he told me he was surprised too. Then he told me to go look over there at the other end. So I did and I am sad to say it was worse. My boss agreed with me and told me he be lives I could have done a much better job.

He told me that if I keep up what I am doing I will be just fine and will have no problem finding work out there on the streets when I get out. Just to keep my head up, keep getting better and never stop learning. He knows I have learned a lot but can always learn more.

Seeing and hearing that felt so good. I really know now that I am going to be good. I have so many worries about getting out and failing. I know that this is one of many steps of mine in the right direction.

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Jesse Bailey
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