When it’s involving true changes thats within you they will come shine
just as the stars, as long as your honest within yourself, and you’re
determine to do all you can in a honest, truthful fashion in bringing success into reality…

People never let another person tell you, you can’t do something you
need, want or see fit for the improvements to and for your life…

Staying focus on you is a must, and never be afraid to tell others to do the same, just as they say it don’t cost a dime to stay out of mine…

You might find yourself saying them words to someone thats having doubts about your skills & capabilities, or any real understanding for the needs thats needed to you having a prosperous life…

I say that for two reason’s that I have witness, and been apart of…

I feel like its many people that wish to see you and I accomplish
our goals along with the many things that gives us faith and
strength and knowledgeable skills and tools…

With the best of understanding that one can gain, that will also
bring us to be better within self and too and for the world…

There are going to be people that will sit back in the
cut waiting for you to slipup and fail in your quest..

Just to put you down in a negitive fashion, telling you what a waste of time it was, or be madd cause your goal took time away from you two hangin out…

THAT SHIT BE FUNNY, HOW CAN PEOPLE THINK LIKE THAT…that shit got to hurt ones brain cells sooner or latter… [ON TO THE TWO REASONS]

Reason #~1,, If you share with people about the changes you with to accomplish, then one day for some unknow reason you fall off, it’s always someone waiting with unnecessary nigativeness putting your goal down like it’s no way you can achieve it..

Reaason #~ 2,, By keeping your goal to yourself til you feel like you got total control is just the best way to skip all the negative that others may have…

My feelings on the matter of change is, everyone deserve a chance to show the new them, without any judgemental negative words or discouragement act’s…


Anything of this worldly life that makes you happy, is only a deception,
and whatever of it is benefial [today], can be harmful the next

Someone is always looking to take, or use something that honestly don’t
bring ones heart and soul a touch of bliss, and to much of
something will always become over time very harmful to your health or
your pockets…

And any ease in it is connected to trials and misfortunes and
anything that remains in it will be made to perish, everyone has a
one way ticket to the hereafter, that’s why it’s imperative

It’s joys are mixed with grief and the last years of one
life will enters in a state of weakness and frailness..

So adopt the attitude towards it of someone who abstain from it and separates themselves from the gilters of the shiny toys of this worldly life..

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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