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Crass- without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity; gross; obtuse; stupid.

Lexicon-the vocabulary of a particular language, field, social class, person, etc.

The name of my blog is Crass Lexicon
This blog is written by one of society’s favorite rejects, a punk rocker, outlaw biker, artist, musician, tradesman and free thinking hopeless romantic. My topics will vary a lot, depending on the events that happen around me or the nostalgia I may feel for a fleeting moment from my past.
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Rats- the two legged variety.
To start off, I fucking hate rats in every sense of the word. Whistleblower, snitch, tattletale, stool pigeon, cheeseater no matter the happy sounding little nickname they are one in the same. In today’s society snitching is the most prevalent, you see it on newscasts when some nobody suddenly gets their fifteen minutes of fame and gives a full account of something that was never meant to be any of their business in the first place. You see it in sports when players are pointing out things to the refs and you have rampant telling when “good Samaritans” feel it is their moral obligation to report every single thing they deem “suspicious” too the police.
What the hell happened to us as a society when a full grown man cannot just confront another man and find a common understanding? Instead, we deem it necessary to act like cowards while hiding behind ” mommy’s” skirt and have somebody else do the confrontation while we are safe and as far away from the whole incident as possible. Rats are basically manipulators who use authority to help further their own personal progress.

Authority nowadays uses snitches to do all of the real work rather than making good use of their detective duties. Sherlock Holmes never used a rat, but watch any episode of The First 48 and you will soon figure out that it is the number one tool used in any investigation. The legal system is completely infested with the bastards as well, prosecutors will place them in jailhouses to gather information, then give them a free pass on all of their own transgressions as long as the rat helps get the prosecution ” their man”. If you want to see one of the biggest examples of this, read about Salvatore Gravano a.k.a Sammy The Bull, a cold blooded killer and hitman for the New York Mob whose testimony was used to put mob boss John Gotti away for life.

There have probably always been snitches in society but I can only hope it is just a passing phase that we are in where we hold them in such high regard. Rats belong in the shadows, under dumpsters and should be afraid to be exposed for the pieces of shit they really are. When I was a child, my parents had no problem punishing any of me and my brothers for tattling. On any playground as a child you will here ” never rat on a friend”, truer words were never spoken by a child.

In prison, every time something really bad happens to a snitch, I feel no grief at all. Hell, I get a little chuckle out of it and just remember not just the last time I was ratted out-but the very first time many years ago as well. If you are going to live by the sword, be very fucking careful not to fall on it! Even the most famous and well revered rats are still just rats.

John Price
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