Steve Anderson


But they are seen throughout the world that is filled with many toy’s,
and games, these law’s can apply to your life, if not let it
motivate you to standup about your beliefs…..

Bonolito made this decision out of the blue at that moment, shit
just got real with this new law that Bonolito has implement it’s
been over 17*yrs since a number 52, was used, this shit had to
be serious for Bonolito to act in this fashion…

This new law is more powerful then just a thought, this kind of law
was to be acted upon with ones words and actions, to do
nothing would only show the highest form of ignorant thats fact…

This was more for the people then just the saving of Bonolito
ship and many people will come to know and understand the powerful meaning of this new law…

All this was over within 5, minutes the judge keep it real short
in fact the judge only said 8, words and they were, Mr Anderson
you’re sentence to do,14- to- 23 yrs, in the state of Washington prison…

Shit I did 6,,yrs in close custody I wanted to show that my pass was
just that a pass time in my life that didn’t defind the man that I am today…

I was on a new road, and I can tell you this be a true fact
people, you’ll come to know the haters, they hate for many reasons
that shouldn’t be..

Many people didn’t know Bonolito made the decision years ago to preserve his ship as a monument, and to keep his ship safe
from the hungry vouchers that was trying to clame his toys well
he was in prison…

It took lossing a lot of cash and other things to find out that
it’s only 3-People that I can trust a 100%…

As I have said best friends and money I done loss them both, and
family some stood in the same line as the taker, trying to
get their hands on something that wasn’t theirs…

So over the years, of course, the ship began to decay, and
my partners found themselves replacing each rotten timber with a new one, and then another, and another and then all was new once again…

Until every single plank on the ship was replaced, the engines always
was well keep so it was no problems at all there…

But the question was asked by many people that have seen the
new look that the ship was given : Is this really the same
ship of Bonolito’s ?”

It had to be cause Bonolito would never get rid of his toys, now
it might not be in his name on paper but I know it’s his ship, didn’t
you see the name on the side of the ship, {Bono”$ Law”$ Bitch”$}..

If it where just here for an upgrade, I would said I’ll bet
you know people who are just like this ship, don’t you..

people who move up in life and start changing everything about (themselves until you can’t recognize the original person anymore) right ?

Bonolito ship was keep all genuwine, it stayed new and Bonolito was
consisted with his personality never changed but it got better..

You know one go from wearing jeans and sneaker to wearing suits
fancy shoes..

You becomes more refined, more socially adept, you’ve got more polished manners..

You Chandler the way you talk.. You acquire new friends.. You used to
drink Budweiser, now you’re sipping some first-growth pauillac.. You use to buy Big-Macs at the drive through, now you’re ordering the___ sait crusted sea bass..

The way you see things changed, even the way you think..”

“And at a certain point, people you’ve got to ask yourself : are you
the same person or not..? does your changes bring your best out ?~
shit don’t be faken keep it 100%..

Your costume has changed, your trappings have changed..

But if you have INTEGRITY, you know deep down that you’re the
same person, just as my ship always were..”

A person has to respect the one that stays the same as they
been.. About your pass you can’t be a captive to it, but you can’t discard it, either..

It’s apart of you..

Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it, it’s a good thing to go through it to get to it..

I’m very happy today one of my comrades went free about a month
ago and just sent me a letter telling me I ain’t forgotten..

Well I been putting this ink down, ain’t no one got anything to
share, as wishing to play base ball with E,mails or with the
Snell mail. ?

Take Care…..

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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