Steve Anderson


With this it will become very clear that whenever you fully motivate
self to act within your thoughts pertaining to your actions in deciding
to the fulfilling of one the many commandment, that God has given
to and for all..

first of all you must know whether it is an act of obedience
to God, or not, and mostly your intentions is very much a factor..

So if it is not an act of obedience, one should not do
it, unless it is a permitted act that one can use as a means of
helping him to do the acts of obedience, at which time it’s
[tool’s] used becomes apart of the act of obedience..

One should not act upon it until one looks into whether the
tools will assist the it becoming an obedient act or not..

Then it’s one more matter remains upon you – that is that one
embark upon it via it’s proper route and in the correct way,
God has explained proper ways of worship, to all Prophet’s and Messengers..

If one chooses to do it in any other fashion, you will end
up ruining it, or neglecting imperative parts that will corrupt the commandment art of it..

These three matters [I,e. doing good, doing it for God’s sake alone and doing it with God’s assistance] make up the success for the one who acts with correction..

God, You alone do we Worship and From You alone do we
seek Help, Guide us to the Straight Path…..

Be careful not to earn through evil ways and any then spend that wealth in obeying God, for indeed avoidance of it has Been made an obligation and a duty by God, and the indeed He is pure and accepts only that which is pure..



The storm first then the sun will shine, all in truth that IS]

The uncut realness of ones words and actions last longer in another
persons heart and soul, creating trophy memories, as to the faith and Beliefs that you hold makes things clearer to others of who you ARE]..

So who do you think your cheating the most when you do nothing
or when you create a lie that only sounds good to YOUSELF] ?..

So who’s the fool ? not them for believing in your words ? the
truth will shine on the lie one day or on your corrupt WAY’S]..

And luck is a jealousy of SUCCESS]..

What makes you choose to not keep it 1oo ?.. Telling the truth that
is, you know being honest with self and OTHERS]..

Yae sure, it’s you not thinkng thats going to lead to the
relationship to ENDING]..

What am I talking about] ?..

I mean, you fuck around, lying , and doing as little a possible to bring
the truth back, just ask yourself what are you doing it FOR] ?

Like what’s the point] ?..

Whats going through your mind] ?..

To doing alittle of nothing, how do you think other perceive your words and ACTIONS] ?..

At some point you’re going to have to commit your self to someone or SOMETHING]..

Cause not doing or keeping it (100%) or to the best that you
can will leave you with nothing]..

As you will come to understand sooner then two flips of a feather the
short run is just a [SHROT PART THAT DON’T LAST]….. ….The End….

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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