Steve Anderson


Know that being thoughtful calls to good and acting upon it..

And repenting from a regretting evil, calls to abandoning it..

And that which will perich – even if it is much – does not
outweigh that which is everlasting – even though seeking it is rare..

And to endure short – lived difficulties that are followed by long lasting ease, is better then hurrying for a short – lived ease that is followed by ever-lasting hardship..

So beware of this land [I,e. this worldly life] that is falling down and is miss leading and deceiving, being decorated by it’s decit and having deluded [others] by it’s delusion, and having killed it’s people with it’s hopes..

The world looks forward with anticipation towards the one who proposes to it for marriage..

Hence it becomes like the unveiled bride-all the eyes are looking towards it, their soul are in love with it, and the hearts are captivated by it..

The more ends that are attached to it, it is faultless, and to all of its husbands, it is deadly and lethal..

For the one who remains takes no notice of [the fate of the husband] who came before him, and the last one, is not prevented by what he saw [happen to] the first one..

And the intelligent one no longer takes any benefit from the numerous trials and test, and the one who recognises God and has complete trust in Him, no longer takes heed when He advises him about it [I,e.] this worldly life..

So the hearts insist on love it and the soul insist on clinging to it, and this is nothing but the passionate love we have for it..

Whoever loves something does not consider anything else and he dies either desiring it or else he does obtain it..

Hence there are two types of lovers who desire it, this worldly life..

The first is the lover who has obtained it, and has been deceived by it, and through it, he has foregotten his origin and his eventual place of return..

Hence his mind is preoccupied by it and his intellect has been neglected concerning it…..


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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