Randy Brennan

Yesterday I graduated from a 14 week class called Bridges to Life.

What is Bridges to Life?
It’s a class that’s stated purpose is to restore peace in the lifes of both crime victims and convicted criminals. It deals with responsibility, repentance, accountability, confession, reconciliation and restitution.

For many years I thought that I had made myself fully accountable to “all” of the people that I hurt by committing my crime shooting a man 13 years ago. I was wrong. Bridges to Life has opened my eyes every ripple that my splash has made, and allowed me to fully confess, accept responsibility and now make efforts to reconcile with those I’ve hurt and begin the restitution process.

Now, as a graduate, I have chosen to continue in the program as an assistant helping other men open their eyes and change before they return to their communities. This is my way of paying restitution for my crime. I am no longer a person who “takes” from the community, but one who takes action to make meaningful contributions to better it.

Still earning my freedom

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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