Jonathan Gordon

SATURDAY 11-3-16

Last night I watched the state highschool football title game for 3A a local school from my hometown won Kamiakin (Kennewick,WA) beat O’Dea of Seattle.

Tonight I watched another highschool from my hometown Richland lose in the state title game for 4A to Camas, which is some town I don’t know where it’s at, I guess it’s by Mt. Saint Helens because that’s the name of the school district.

I didn’t watch any news today, I have been watching a little football, but mostly reading my new Russian books, it’s a hard language to learn, but I am getting it, fortunately for me there is a lot of Russian natives here that speak it and I am getting a feel for the accents, & how to pronounce the words correctly. Some of the words are so ridiculously long that it’s like a tongue twister.

Today I went to all 3 meals, which is rare, this is the first time that I have been lunch in probably like 2 months.

Breakfast was 1 butter brickle muffin, 1 scoop of butter, half pint of milk, 1 egg, cheese, fake turkey burrito, potatoes, and I think that’s it.

Lunch was tortilla, fake meat, soy, protein slushy thing, salsa, cheese, nasty lettuce, it was so gross, and an apple.

Dinner all I ate was the fake chicken fried steak, it’s all right though, it has more meat that the lunch thing.

I exercised as usual.

Thanks for your time, remember to praise God, thank God, & be grateful for all your blessings


MONDAY 11-5-16

This morning on the news channels I saw that there was an ongoing protest that resulted in a victory in Canon Ball, North Dakota. The Standing Rock Natives have been protesting an oil pipeline going through their Rez, & today the Army Corps of Engineers decided to block the pipeline from going through. Some people say the victory is shortlived because they think when Trump officially takes office will open it up.

Also they was talking about the final canidates for a few offices, they are saying that Ben Carson might be chosen for the Secretary of HUD (Housing & Urban Development).

Also today there was the first snow of the year, it was off & on all day, it snowed about 3 times today, but it all got washed away by the rain, it was so cold it was ridiculous.

I worked out from 9am to 10am, we was supposed to have gym from 8-10, but we got cut out an hour, I did lunges, calf raises, 10 minutes on the eliptical, 100 set of ab wheel, 100 set of crunches, 75 set of crunches and 25 set of crunches, hamstring, & I think that was it.

I went to all 3 meals today, which is rare, for breakfast we had the egg and cheese muffin, the hot cereal, half pint of milk, I gave mine away I am not really a milk drinker, ketchup and I had potatoes.

Lunch was a chicken patty sandwich with an apple & bite size bag of garden salsa chips.

Tonight it was too cold & rainy to go outside o I watched the Monday night game, The Colts beat the Jets 41-10 in Metlife stadium.

They finally stopped all the unit searches for now, they hit 2 full units, everything is back to normal now, we have been getting our yard, the cops had found some stuff from what I heard, so everyone else got rid of anything else just to be safe.


TUESDAY 11-6-16

Today the snow stopped, it started off rainy, then went to icy, then it dried up and got super cold. I went outside this afternoon to run a few miles at 2:30 because it wasn’t rainy. I sweated a lot, eventhough it was so cold, usually after a few minutes I warm right up, but that wind was blowing and I never completely warmed up.

For breakfast we had the bisquits and gravy, banana half pint of chocolate milk, and potatoes, we also was given our boats to eat at lunch because we were locked down for an hour while the staff does there twice a month safety muster.

In reality the safety muster meeting is a bunch of garbage, from what I heard from the c/o is that they don’t even really do anything, it’s just a formality, and a reason to lock us down for an hour I guess.

Dinner was spaghetti, I can’t eat that CI food, it makes my stomach hurt, besides that it tastes weird it has a weird sweet taste. So I gave it up for the garlic bread and the orange cracklin cookie, we also had a banana again.

A few days ago they brought a christmas tree to the unit, with some fake presents underneath, the wrapping is really nice I guess, just a few minutes ago they moved it to the middle of the dayroom. I don’t know what was wrong with it being at the front though.

Usually at this time of the year we have a door decorating contest and the winner with the best art on their door gets some cosmetic products, but this year it’s a little later than usual. Also they are having a special event in the visiting room later this month, they just put the applications up a few hours ago so my celly and myself are going to sign up, hopefully we’ll make it. From what I hear a lot of people go every year, it’s weird because I have been here almost 3 years and I never recall this event the past years.

When I was at Walla Walla Pen, (WSP) they never had no special events like this. So I guess that’s cool, but WSP is a whole different animal, there is a lot more crazy stuff going on at that place than there is here.

As far as prisons go, Stafford Creek is pretty lax, there ain’t as much violence here as there is in WSP, there at WSP, there is riots, fights, lock downs like every other day it seems like, not literally, but A LOT though. After awhile a person gets sick of it.

Anyway take care, everybody have a good day, thanks for the support and your time.


Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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