Ruben McGee

TOPIC:Introduction-to the world

First off thank you for taking a sec out of your day to read this amature blog from a young man such as myself. My name is Ruben James Mcgee,A”Cancer” born on 6/21/77. Currently I am incarcerated for Assualt’1 Degree,with a sentence of 234-months,since 2004. On the downhill slope of this time & on my way out to the streets finally! This vacation has taught me to be patient & has really humbled me. But beaing single with very little community support is extremely harsh mentally,emotionally,& physically. To have any sort of communication/corredspondance with literally ANYONE out there would be such a blessing!!! 🙂 But lately no luck or maybe fate just ain’t ready to reveal that special someon eto me yet???? So until then I geuss i’ll keep on praying & hoping it all works out. Being all alone in here really sucks…so if you care to share your world with me,please dont be shy!!

contact me at:

Ruben Mcgee #743792
1830 Eagle Crest Way,CllallamBay,WA 98326


contact me on

Ihope to share with you poems,dreams,& lifes experieinces. thanks!!


Ruben Mcgee
DOC #743792


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