Kevin Gilbert


I Want Anyone Reading This To Know That, “It’s Never To Late To *Chasing Ones Dreams & Fulfilling Ones *Passion In Life,” And When You *Start To Thing That It Is To Late, Just Think Of Me, *Kevin Abdul Gilbert.

I’m Under A Disability At This Time, But I’m Still On My Personal Journey Of *Chasing My Dream Of Becoming A Licensed *Attorney By Taking Correspondence Crouse’s Through {*The University Of Washington School Of *Law [And] Fulfilling My Passion Of Becoming An *Attorney To Help People With *Understanding The Laws & Working To Correct The Laws That *Conflict With Other Laws.*}

So If You Would Like To {*HBO*}, i.e., {*Help A Brotha Out*} Please Do So Because The Tuition & Legal Books For The Classes Is About $80,000 So That Is The Goal.

I You Want To Know More About My Is Person On A Personal, Social Or Educational Level, All You Have To Do Is Just Go To And Put In My Name & No., i.e., *Kevin Abdul Gilbert #890221, To Get Yourself Added To My Emailing List So We Can Communicate With Each Other Directly.

You Can Also Send Me A {*Supportive Video Message From Yourself [And/Or] Set Up A Video Visit With Me*} Also Through Just Go On & Follow The Rules, But Know That You Have To Get Added To My Visitation List Before You Can Video Visit And You Can Send In A Visiting Application On As Well, So I Hope To Hear From You Soon!!!!!!

Please Get Yourself Added To My Emailing List Or Write Me, If You Have {*HBO*} And Reach Out To Me, I Will *Try To Keep You Informed If The Goal Is Reached [Or] The Progress To The Goal, But Know That There Will Not Be Any Returns Regardless If The Goal Is Reached Or Not. So If Help Please Do So Out Of The Goodness Of Your Heart!!!!!!

Thanks Sincerely,

Kevin Gilbert
DOC #890221

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