Jonathan Gordon

WEDNESDAY 11-30-16

Today was the last day to order commissary, I ordered 2 one pound bags of oatmeal, 1 one pound bag of sugar, and a powdered milk, and 2 bic razors to shave my head and mustache.

Tonight a cop was shot to death in Tacoma, WA, the other day at least 75 people died in a plane crash in Medellin, Colombia. The people were members of a professional Brazilian soccer team.

Also in Maine there is a SEVERE snowstorm, I didn’t pay much attention to what they named it though. I saw images of it on the weather channel though, it was terrible.

Today has been a little wet here in Aberdeen, the rain has been light, right now it’s not rainy, but since we ain’t getting yard, I guess it don’t matter, it sucks because I was supposed to go out and hang out with my friend whom I have known since about 2000. We used to talk and right letters when I was on the street, I used to talk to his wife, family, daughters, step son, mom, female friends, and he used to talk to my friends. Fortunately for him he is going home next year, and he has a lot of good family support out there.

I want to praise God for everything, for life, my talents, my skills, changing me from who I was, taking me away from drugs, alcohol, victimization, victimizing, abuse, crime, womanizing, ect…

Thank God for my family, friends, supporters, my girl, she is doing good in her school, and thanks to her for the last 12 years and for sticking with me through this tough time.

Thanks for your time


THURSDAY 12-1-16

Obviously today is the first day of December. I can’t believe that the year is almost over with, people would be suprised how fast time really passes in prison, especially if you keep busy.

Today has been a crazy day, first off at 7am G-Unit was searched, they stripped searched all the men over there one by one, took them all to the gym & searched every cell. DOC also brought in a training team of new recruits to show them how to do it all.

Because of all the searching and training, we didn’t get any yard today or gym, also the 3:45pm count was off, usually they start running mainline at 4:30pm or so right after count but today they did a recount and didn’t clear count till 6:30pm and started mainline at almost 7pm. It’s 7:25 and we still haven’t had dinner.

I been studying Russian all day, I learned the alphabet on 11-29, I can read it almost fluently now, I just have to get the dipthongs correct, sometimes it changes the way the endings of words are pronounced. So now I have 2 Russian teachers, and 1 Oxford dictionary, 1 picture dictionary & 1 book of sentences with CD’s.

Today for breakfast we had the egg, cheese, potato, & tortilla breakfast burrito with 2 hot sauce packets, half pint of milk, hot cereal, and all you can eat oranges. The Booth farms oranges are so nasty, they taste more like lemons than oranges, they are dry.

Breakfast and morning count was about 20-30 mins late because of the G-unit search.

I didn’t go to lunch, but it was chicken salad with tortilla.

Have a good day, thanks.

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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