Jonathan Gordon

SUNDAY 11-27-16

Today is Sunday, For breakfast we had the “boats” which is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a little lemon bran bar, a cup of fruit loops, and a butterbrickle cupcake.

Lunch I didn’t go to.

On Friday I think it was Fidel Castro died, also either Thursday or Friday Florence Henderson who was Ms. Brady on the Brady show died. There has been protests and celebrations all over the place about Castro dying, some people were happy, some were saddened. All over the tv they have been having shows about his life, about Cuba, about politics, communism, it’s been a media blitz.

Also today I watched some football, I watched the Seattle Seahawks get beat by Tampa Bay, also watched the Raiders game.

My sister made it home safely, I praise God fo that.

I worked out as usual, that was good, my stomach and bladder are finally getting healthier again, I also thank God for that, what a blessing, I am still having problems but not as much as before.

Thank God for life, family, friends, social medai and all my readers and supporters.


Monday 11-28-16

Today was a pretty tragic day in the Americas, this morning 10 people were shot on Bourbon street in New Orleans, last I heard 1 person had died. They say it was a shoot out between 2 people who had argued, which is terrible because the 2 people who were shooting didn’t even hit each other but 10 innocent victims.

Also in Columbus, Ohio, last I heard 7 people were shot on the campus of Ohio State, around the Watts Hall area, Ohio which has one of the biggest campuses in the USA with 60,000 or so people.

For breakfast we had the egg muffin sandwich, potatoes, which were good today, the weird hot cereal, and applesauce, with a half pint of Medosweet milk. I didn’t go to lunch. I didn’t eat dinner either. I cooked my own food.

I got a workout partner now, this guy has been seeing me workout, and he wants to see if he can loose weight, get stronger and get in shape so today was his first day working out, so we took it slow. I had already worked out in the gym this afternoon. At night we walked 5 laps, ran a mile which is 4 laps, did push ups, I did leg raises and crunches, he didn’t.

I just hope that he is able to stay committed and not fall off. For me it was hard at first but my body is used to it, so I am now addicted to working out.

The weather was dry, but really cold, it had rained earlier so the ground was wet, but it was all right, my celly wanted me to play basketball with him, but I had to work out with this guy.

I missed the Monday night football because I was outside for the whole time from 6pm to 8:45pm, but the Packers won.

See ya next time, take care

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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