Jonathan Gordon

THURSDAY 11-24-16

Today started off super rainy, windy and cold. Breakfast was one cup of Reece’s chocolate peanut butter cereal, one banana, one cheesecake, 3 fake turkey sausage links, 1 small but thick belgian waffle, 1 half pint each of Medosweet regular milk and chocolate milk, and potatoes. That was considered brunch so we didn’t have lunch, for dinner it was chocolate pudding cream cake, homemade dinner roll, 2 slices of turkey, yams, marshmallow fruit salad, stuffing, mashed potatoes, seasoned corn and cranberry, all I ate was the cake and bread because I don’t like any of that other stuff.

We got cheated out of our gym tonight, I wanted to go work out, but since dinner took so long, we didn’t get to go, they was also supposed to have a bingo tournament but obviously that was cancelled to.

I got to talk to my family, except my brother was gone when I called, but I can always talk to him another day. I watched some football, I watched the Cowboys win, I did some typing and me and my celly stayed up all night as he was working on making his stuffed animal bears, and I typed.

We drink a coffee/sugar/tea mixture, ate some snacks and had top ramen mixed with rice for a late night snack. There wasn’t too much on tv so we just stayed up talking while we worked on our little projects.

thanks for your time have a good day


FRIDAY 11-25-16

I saw on the news that a person got killed last night at Wal Mart over a parking space, I also saw the other day that 5 kids died in a school bus accident in Chattanooga,TN on Monday I think it was.

Today last night me and my celly stayed up all night again, doing the same thing, he was making his stuffed animal bear, I was typing, drinking coffee, I went to work as usual, that was all right the cop that was working was laid back, she is new only have seen her a couple of times. I like it when the cops are laid back it makes my job smooth.

I played basketball twice today, once in the gym we played 5 on 5 I won 3 out of 4, then tonight me and my celly went outside and played 3 on 3 and we won all 4 games. Fortunately we came in early because it started pouring real bad the next hour, and everyone wanted to stay out, glad we didn’t.

I watched a lot of college football, today and tomorrow are rivalry days, U of Washington smoked Washington state in the Apple Cup, Boise got beat by Air Force, I don’t know how that happened, I also watched Nebraska get beat by Iowa, it was at the same time as the UW and WSU game so my celly had his tv on on game I had mine on the other.

I slept through breakfast and lunch, for dinner we had the fake pizza, hard bread tomato sauce, the chocolate brownie, jojo’s peas, and I think that was it. Somebody made some brownie, sugar, butter, oatmeal snack in the microwave, I added some oatmeal and the sugar so he gave me and my celly a piece, it was pretty good.

Other than that all that is left is work tonight.

thanks for your support, Praise to God

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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