Jesse Bailey


This is a very hard environment to live in, let alone be a happy person everyday in. A lot is missing in my life.

The best words I can come up with to describe what’s missing is, Love, Laughter, Enjoyment, Happiness, Family, A Purpose and just plain FULLFILLMENT.

Our lives are so empty.

Its like the movie called Groundhogs day. The days just repeat over and over again. Not much changes form day to day. Its all just the same.

After years of living like that. Just watching TV and all the things that happen out there. From seeing food I haven’t had in over a decade. To how far computers and technology have come. Its like I have been living under a rock for a life time.

I am limited to what I can accomplish to improve my life and how I live it.

Working out, playing cards and playing sports are just some activities. But are basicly meaningless. Nothing gets accomplished doing that. It just passes time.

If your lucky, getting a job at CI or being apart of FreedomTails dog program. That might feel like I am accomplishing something.

Maybe doing some college courses through the mail can improve my life. But college cost money I don’t have. And its also expensive.

What I’m saying is that, in the long run I feel empty most of the time. Its just the way things are…..

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476


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