The Prison Within

The Prison Within By: Stephen C. Olsen 10/13/49-05/08/93
Copyright December 21, 1989 Edited by: C.L.O.

Trapped inside these dark priosn walls, Unbelievable choas inhabits these halls. I’m not quite sure just what my crimes were, Perhaps lust, greed, or Euphoria’s lure. For twenty odd years I’ve been serving my time, A life without purpose, or reason, or rhyme. An existence of hatred confusion and pain, I created kindness, mercy and love with disdain. I trusted no person be they woman or man, for someone to care didn’t fit in my plan. When peopl are nice then you’d better beware, cause they’re out to get something by pretending to care. Beaten down by life’s problems which all seemed so great, I rejected compassion and relied upon hate. When the load got too heavy I looked not for hugs, but instead found solace in my booze, and my drugs. The prison I speak of is the life that I lead, and it’s governed by habits, by thoughts, and by deeds. My cell is a place hidden deep within me, From which it appeared I could never be free. Many had tried to lead me outside, but I would not follow for I had too much pride. I’d stick all my problems away on a shelf, for I was certain my habits I could beat by myself. When finally my burdens crushed me to the floor, a man walking by offered to unlock the door. “but first” then he added “you must give me the key, for only by sharing your load can I help you be free.” Before your release can hope to begin, you must open yourself and let someone else in. That old way of life for me is now gone, yet the urge to use drugs may sometimes come on. When it does I’ll reach out for the help of a friend, cause I know with that help I can survive in the end. So be it, N.A., a friend, or your wife, reach out for that help, and you may save your life! this poem was written by my father in 1989 I will include the foreword later….C.L.O.

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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