Steve Anderson

THE SMOOTH RIDE IN TRUTH, is to be shared 24/7….Part-2

I feel better if I give a better ENDING to my last blog~ titled~the smooth ride in truth, Part- 1….

No matter how much you gain in the short term by you not telling
the truth, in the long run you’ll find out, lying to your significant
one delivers insults and will create distance between the two of you….

Lies, exaggerations, creative deception, false promises, denials, and conveniently left out facts and figures can be tempting to use
from time to time…

It is a possible, ok Im going to let my thoughts speak, hopefully
your actions were on the stronger side then being weaker I’m just
thinking to myself, that you really was not trying to hurt them
with the untruthn words you choose to use….

More likely your decision to shrinking or stretching the truth to keep
your significant other from getting hurt, or cause some disloyalty in your actions….

But no, the hurt you was trying save them from with deception
is as devastating as the pain of discovering that you were willing
to let them live with a lie in the first place, yes you
have started a war….

Now you got you mate feeling foolish because they know that, for whatever reason, you “played them and they fell for it, but as
they say the truth is in the light, and it will always come to the light….

Even if they were little white lies about what you consider lightweight issues, they will always in up doing heavy weight damage, of trusting there words….

The result of you significant other is to flee to safety before
little lies becomes giant ones that could cause major damage within….

When you tell the truth your mate gets accurate picture of who
you are and how you operate….

One finds knowledge that though you are not perfect, you are honest,
and your honesty demands honesty in return….

Telling the truth is always the most moral choice, but not necessary
the most comfortable one…..The End…..

well now I feel better so I’ll be back when I reload on Stamps….

Have a great day !

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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