Lennie Cain


Lost without the lifeline that you give to me each day, I would sit all alone grieving a losrt Life, a lost Soul, a lost Heart.

My wish is to live in only that special love you have to give. So open your hearts love to mine, and together we will be one and not two in the day’s in which we live.

My days are spent always seeing your face, and desiring to caress your lips, to have just a taste of the one I truly miss.

My body always warms to your slightest touch, while my heart cries out from missing you so very much.

The tears I shed were waiting for your loving kisses, while my love for you goes beyond your deepest hearts wishes.

I have lived a lonely life inside myself without a place to really call home, but now I have found true Love, and know longer will I ever be alone.

And while I sit far away writing out what is my true love for you, I cannot help but wish that you love me too.


We chance to look back at the past, and times of old, when we thought we were brave and yes very bold.

For some the age is eight, twelve, nine or ten, what some would not give to be that young again.

Our lives were filled with survival, and staying alive on those cold – cold streets, every penny ment food or something hot drink.

We have slept in places that people could not conceive of, and we have eaten out of garbage cans that people would not even think of.

We have begged for your pennies while you passed us by in the rain, and we have slept in your garbage cans to get out of the rain.

We have walked until our feet were numb from the pain, and wished for deaths rescue at the point of your Gun.

How some of us made it through those times know one can really say, but to all you mother’s reading this we were Run-A-Ways.

I try to write from my truth, pain, hope, and my heart. Thank you for the responses, and continue to write.

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796


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