Steve Anderson

THE SMOOTH RIDE IN TRUTH, is to be shared -24/7….

As you see, Im still on the highway got alot on mind
mostly how and what one can do to having a healthy relationship, well I know for sure open communication, truth, loyalty, respect, honesty all these are laws that must be upheld, (YES 24/7)

The fact is a relationship can’t ever be on a real level if
both of you don’t give each other the [TRUTH]…

If your significant other make that commitment to you please give it
in return, if not your wasting yours and their time cause that
relationship will not last, due to the fact somethings are based on
a [LIE], that one of you told the other…

Your life is probably much more complicated already then you would like
it to [BE]…

The simple day-to-day things that you have to deal with
to keep your world moving forward and not sliding backward already taking up more of your thoughts, energy and effort then you perfer,
but it’s a must to stay not just focus but in a positive fashion…

So the way to keep things to a minimum is to simply tell the
truth, some may not like your answers, then again you can ask
them if they want the truth, and if they say no tell them
you really don’t want to know so we want talk about that issue…

But if they say I want the truth tell it all with no cut on it…

I Know its bad sometimes, but telling the truth won’t always get you a
big applause, or some uncut admiration, or appreciation…

Now if you ain’t knowing, sometimes the truth will deliver, sadness, or anger, Because the truth may be disappointingly different from what one wishes to believe in even if its about you or you and your significant one
together, are it could be a situation, or a issue that attacks your beliefs…

So please clearly understand when you lie, your using words to offer
you significant other a counterfeit version of reality…

Now sure it may make them smile, calm one’s fear, and temporarily increase your approval rating, but ultimately the truth will get airtime and it will destroy what matters even more for them then for you,
don’t for you started this with a lie…

By not sharing the truth in this situation yes it was your mind playing tricks on you thinking the lie you told was the answer, (NOT)-(NEVER)…

Truth will never bring you deception, regret, or create the unfairness to a God given law,,,,,,, yes truth and honesty is very rewarding it comes with good company…

Please do not go out like a

I’m still here so if you wish to really speak on it, theres two roads that lead to were I be..

Steve Anderson~288318
Go to ~ Jpay. com ~ We can play baseball with the E,mail’s…as you see I love my toy with the fact I get to deliver my words out to the world..

Are you my write me..
Steve Anderson-288318-H,4,B63
Stafford Creek Corrections
191-Constantine Way
Aberdeen, Wa-98520…

AS I HAVE SAID WE CAN ALL BE BETTER.. when one gives time to share.. Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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