Jesse Bailey

FRED THE 12 lb POODLE (part 4)

One of my favorite things to do with Fred is play ball with him. Its Fred’s favorite pass time too. He loves that little red Kong. It’s also kinda funny watching him run back with that red Kong, that bearly fits in his mouth.

He can only bite it on one end because the other end is too big. This type of kong is one that has 3 tiers, the tiers gets bigger from one end to the other. So the small end is the only end he can hold on to.

Other trainers like hanging out with Fred too, just to play ball with him. So when I go out to yard, work, school or something like that, I will give Fred to one them while I am of doing my thing.

Our yard is split into two different yards. One is called BIG YARD. This one has a weight deck and a 1/4 mile track with a soccer field inside the track. Also, it has a full basketball court and a pickle ball court too.

The BASEBALL YARD, consists of two Softball fields on it. One is a practice field and the other is used for softball games only. It also has a 1/2 court for basketball and a full pickle ball court.

On this particular day I had a softball game out on the Baseball yard. It was a beautiful day out and I was having a blast.

People were yelling and having a good time and so was I. I was on the field at third base calling out where the plays, like I do every time a new batter comes up to the plate.

I kept hearing a dog bark. It sounded alot like Fred’s bark. That put a smile on my face because he was probably in the front of our unit in the yard playing ball with Randy, the trainer I gave him to, enjoying himself too. My unit is about a city block distance from the baseball yard where I was.

A few more batters went by and the dog barking got louder. Then, out of the corner of my vision I saw a little white poodle running back and forth on the other side of the fence in the big yard. Fred was barking at me. At first I thought it was cool that Randy brought Fred to yard.

But the more I thought about it, my unit wasn’t on that yard. They were all in the baseball yard. So I started to look closer at Fred pacing back and forth. Why isn’t anyone standing with him? Where is Randy? He’s not even wearing a leash? What’s going on!?

I go from bent over ready for a ball to be hit, to standing strait up with a confused concerned look on my face starring at Fred.

Then it happends. I walk foreword and yell, “TIMEOUT, I have to get my dog.” People are now confused too. I hear someone yell back, ” You can’t do that. You can’t just stop the game”. I respond, “watch me!” and then start to jog over to the fence where Fred is barking.

As I get to him, he stops barking because he is so glad to see me. I start to lead him over to the gate where people come into the yard.

As I approach the gate, I ask the officer if he can open the gate so I can get my dog. The officer looks at me with a glazed look and says, ” you don’t have a dog, and I am not going to open the gate either.”

Sometime I don’t think the CO’s here really listen to what we say most of the time. Its like they have the mind set we are lying and trying to ALWAYS get over on them. That’s just not the case.

So I point down at the poodle on the other side of the fence and Fred is waging his little tail and sitting waiting for me to get him. “See the dog? that’s my dog and I am his trainer. He’s not suppose to be out here without a trainer. The CO responds with, ” Then why is he out here without someone with him? I tell him, “I don’t know. All I know is I need to get him so he doesent get hurt.”

Again he responds with. “Well if he’s out here, someone probably brought him out here and they will get him.”

At this point I am getting really frustrated with this damn CO. Its like talking to a wall. But I keep my composure and continue with this charade I’m in.

“He doesent have a leash on and he’s not even supoese to be off leash out here either.” Still I get no help. Just a blank I don’t care stare.

Forget this CO, So I bend down and try to coach Fred through the two gates to my side of the fence.

To get to either of the two yards there is one path that is taken. As you walk down the path to the yards, there are two gates side by side. One goes to Big yard and one goes to the BASEBALL YARD.

I am trying to coach Fred to my side, which he isn’t getting. I just so happen to look up the path to the yard and I see Randy walking toward us with a kong in one hand and a leash in the other. Looks like Fred got away from him.

So here’s what happened.

While I was out playing my softball game. Randy when out to play ball with Fred in the front of our unit. During that time Randy was throwing the Kong for Fred. He would stop every so often and drop the Kong and listen. He happened to do that every time I yelled during my game out at yard.

I must have been pretty loud for Fred to keep hearing me like that. After a little while Fred figured he was going to come find me. So he took off. There was nothing Randy could do to stop him. He usually came when called. But this time he was on a mission to find me. He wasn’t stopping for nothing.

He ran to the unit gate and weaseled his way between the gate and the fence, and kept running.

I had taken Fred to both yards before. So I kinda think he had a good idea where he was going. He took a left down the path way to yard. When he got to the double gate, It was a toss up for him and he picked the right gate instead of the left one.

He squeezed his little body between those bars too. He had a 50% chance of getting it right. I just so happened to be in door number 2.

So Randy came walking down to the yard gates in no real rush. Its not like he couldn’t figure out where ‘ol Fred was heading. To me, Big Daddy.

Meanwhile during all this, I’m hearing people from the game yelling to hurry up, and complaining to the umpires about my absence. Well they can wait. I’m busy taking care of important business. My dog is loose!

Randy shows up and gets Fred and starts back to the unit. As Fred is leaving he can’t stop looking back at me.

Well, he’s gone now and safe back on leash in Randy’s care again. Back to my game.

I ran back on the field to my position at third base. Everyone had waited for me, and when I got back, the game continued. We all had fun during the game. And now I have a great life story about a little poodle who loved me so much he came to find me at yard by following my voice.

How cool is that?

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Jesse Bailey
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