Jonathan Gordon

THURSDAY 11-17-16

I had diarhea the other day, and I haven’t taken a poop in days, other than that, I sent out my Andis clipper to be replacecd, I’ve had them for 3 and a half years, they have a 5 yer warranty.

I didn’t exercise today because my stomach has been messed up, also my bladder was trippin too it was hurt. Praise to God, I am strong enough to handle it.

I want to thank God & all the people who have helped me, all the people who have supported my website, all the people who have drawn pictures, wrote articles, & visited the site.

I also want to thank Steve, his wife & Stone City Blog.

God is the greatest.

For breakfast we had breakfast burritos, its a big tortilla, potatoes with eggs and cheese, half pint of milk, apple sauce and bananas.

Dinner was lasagna caserole, I didn’t eat it because my stomach was hurting, so I traded it for the chocolate chip cookies.

I didn’t work out because I wanted to let my stomach heal and I had typing to do

good night


Friday 11-18-16

Today is the day of Jumu’ah for the Muslims, it’s our day of worship, service & sermon. For breakfast we had the egg mcmuffin with the slice of turkey ham, potatoes, half a pint of medosweet milk, cereal, two sugar packets & butter. I didn’t go to lunch because usually it’s that nasty chili that makes my stomach hurt.

It started off rainy today, then the sun came out this afternoon, so I went outside, it turned out that the sun was out, but it was cold, freezing cold, the wind was blowing hard. So I played basketball for an hour, it was hard to play in that kind of cold, plus the ball was flat.

I did some typing, I got a letter from the Spokane Public Library responding to my request for information on non profit organizations, so that was cool. They gave me a list of resources, maybe I will try to ILL some of the books they referred me to.

For dinner we had chicken fried steak, well at least the prison version, I don’t know what it really is but it’s getting better than it used to be, it was really crispy, just how I like it, we also had this really good creamy thick white gravy, but today the gravy was to thick and kinda cold, also we had a breadstick, cooked carrots and raw carrots, I don’t know why they do cooked and raw carrots.

It’s a little after 8pm, we had gym from 7-8, so I didn’t have time to do much of a workout, I was on the treadmill the first 20 minutes, I would have gone longer but this dude that I associate with and who drew a pic for me wanted to get on so I cut my time short. I finished off the rest of the time doing push ups ab wheel, leg raises, back stretches, and this excercise where you get on all fours, kick your legs out behind you, then pull them to your stomach.

Other than that, I work as usual tonight at 11:50pm, hopefully tomorrow it won’t rain, and it’s not as cold so I can go out and run, I wanted to run after basketball, but it was too cold, my ears was frozen, my ear drums actually hurt, my nose and hands was frozen I am good. take care thanks for your time


SUNDAY 11-20-16

Today we had the breakfast “boats,” which is basically a meal not even big enough to satisfy a kid. We get 1 peanut butter packet, 1 jelly packet, which are the size of ketchup packets, 2 slices of bread, 1 butterbrickle muffin, 1 bran bar, which is basically just oatmeal, & one packet of generic fruit loops, with less than an ounce of powdered milk.

I didn’t go to lunch, so I am not sure what they had, I think it was the soy burger/vegetable protein they call a “brake pad.”

Dinner was pretty decent, it was the Denver omelet, potatoes, eggs, onions, peppers, 1 thick moist bisquit, I had 3 of them though, 1 half pint of Medosweet chocolate milk, a spoonful of fruit jelly preservtive, and an orange.

I went to the gym was on the treadmill for half an hour, then I finished the rest of the time doing side bends, leg raises, and the ab wheel. I didn’t go outside in the afternoon because it was rainy, then after yard was over it became nice. I wish it was nice earlier.

It was football Sunday, so of course I watched a lot of football, I watched the Seahawks beat the Eagles, then I watched the Redskins beat the Packers. They were both pretty good games, Russell Wilson the QB for the Seahawks even scored on a touchdown pass.

Other than that, not much going on, I am still having problems with bowel movements, I am going to sick call see if they can do something later this week.


MONDAY 11-21-16

I didn’t go to breakfast or lunch, tonight it’s chicken for dinner. I went to the gym at 2:pm and played some basketball. Today is a beautiful day, it rained a little earlier, then all afternoon it was bright and sunny.

Tonight the Houston Texans play the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City, most of the fans there are Raiders fans. They are playing in the Estadio Azteca stadium, built in 1966, originally it held 144,000 people, it’s one of the biggest in the world. There has been a lot of hype around this game all week.

On Friday, I watched Gonzaga beat Bryant College in NCAA basketball, it was a blow out Gonzaga won by 39 points.

Today there is nothing left to do except work out & go to work tonight, my sister is coming back home to visit my parents, so this week she is ordering my new JP player, also Mom is odering my food package. I am getting nothing but fish & coffee again. The fish is good for working out, plus it don’t taste too bad.

The weather channel says it’s going to be rainy all the way until at least Friday, thank God today was nice.

Praise to God for all of the blessings, I pray for forgiveness, I pray for my family, for all the believers, and for good health & to do the right thing. God has conferred so many blessings on me and my family, also my aunties who have supported me, I pray for them as well.

Life is too beautiful of a blessing to be wasted, to sit around idly and engage in the Devil’s evil games and trickery. No matter the circumstance, there is always the possibility of relief and it getting better. I was watching this show last night about this medical unit from the Air Force that tends to injured soldiers in Afghanistan, seeing the inujuries those people suffer gave me a new perspective on health and life.

I encourage everyone to do there best in whatever GOOD they do, to keep striving, keep working hard, keep motivated & worship God to the fullest.

Thank you your time and support


Tuesday 11-22-16

I hope everybody is having a good day. I am thankful to God that my sister made it home safely. There was some delays with the airline so they put the passengers in the hotel for the night and gave them $100 for inconvience, that is so cool, I didn’t know airlines did that. I guess there was a problem flying into Pasco from Seattle because the weather.

So today for breakfast we had: 1 bisquit, the bisquits might I add for the last few weeks have been twice as big as they was before they are fluffy, the fruit preserve jelly is also good now, we had gravy, 1 half pint of Medosweet chocolate milk, a banana, and potatoes.

I didn’t go to lunch as usual, so I don’t know what was for lunch. For dinner we had one of my favorites, the 10 in flour tortilla, the minced up mistery meat, we actually had real refried beans for the first time in months, I was able to eat them with no problems. The beans they had been giving us was supposed to be refried, but they was all gray and mushy, they made my stomach hurt bad. Also we had this really good spicy hot 1000 dressing, it wasn’t as good as usual today though, we had an apple, and a scoop of shredded cheese.

I want to relay to you a couple of quotes that I kept from about a year ago when I was in Mr. Randy Bales Men Stepping Up Class:

I make decisions, then the decisions make me

You’re free to choos, but you’re not free from the consequences of your choices.

Also once again I want to thank God for blessing my sister with a safe flight, and the extras she got for having to be on hold.

Today it was super rainy, so I didn’t go out and run, I need to start running in the rain, but most people don’t know just how rainy it gets here, it’s not normal rain, its crazy. So we had gym at 12:30pm so I went hit the stair stepper for 15 minutes to warm up, then I did ab wheel, leg raises, and push ups to finish out the hour. It wasn’t very long we got shorted because movement was late.

Tonight I am eating oatmeal for a snack, we get store tomorrow, I get to reap the benefits of my microscopic paycheck, but praise to God, it’s better than NOTHING.

take care, have a good day

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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