A woman’s worthis not gauged in what she does for you, what she gives you, or even in what you’re willing to do for her, or give her. No! A woman’s REAL worth or VALUE lies in 3 areas: 1) What she makes you believe you can do…I mean a good woman has the ability to make you rise to new levels because when she has faith in you, you believe you can do ANYTHING. 2) What she makes you want to do…because a good woman will make you want to dance in the rain, sing her a love song, & any number of things because when you have a good woman, you’ll want to do anything you can think of to show her you love her. But above all else, (if you’re any kind of REAL man) she’ll make you want to be a better man. You’ll want make her smile, you’ll want her to be proud of you, you’ll want to make her feel as amazing as she is. 3) And I believe this is the main one…her true value lies in what you as a REAL man should recognize as your REAL woman’s worth, you’ll feel as if you can’t live without her, and that with her by your side you make it through ANYTHING! (THIS I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE…THANK YOU JENNIFER LEIGH…YOU ARE A BLESSING FROM ABOVE) Ultimately a woman’s worth is found in the quality of her heart, her spirit, & her mind. I Thank God for Real women. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, C.L.O. YOU CAN REACH ME AT JPAY.COM.

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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