Anthony Covert

A Letter To My Earth

Hello everyone! It has been quite a journey for me these last few months and I am currently working on a book that is a compilation of writings that I have written over the last couple years. Here is a taste of what I have in store. This piece is called “A LETTER TO MY EARTH”

Here’s a letter to my earth producer of life, she came after knowledge so her wisdom is right.
Live full, live proud because there are none other that measure, her beauty, her strength, or the boldness of her color.
A queen amongst the rest of the planets in the system, as we build or destroy to strengthen our kingdom.
Her womb is the cipher where understanding is born, where the seed is planted and life is formed.
I also call her my moon cause she emulates my light, for I am the sun and together we shine bright.
Cee I power her through the mathematical laws, so she ensures that our stars grow to be Earths or Gods
Her water is pure, that eternal elixer, another substance of life within her divine nature.
My Earth, my Queen, my Moon, my Wisdom. Our Mothers, our Sisters, our Loves we embrace them.
The black woman is the title she is most familiar, yet by definition she is all of these, so know there is nothing purer.
To show and prove the perfection of her creation, knowledge without wisdom could never create understanding.
So love your Earth and cherish her existence, reinforce the foundation and stand together with vigilance…

Let me know what you think and I am open to all feed back and criticism. You can reach me at
1313 N 13TH AVE
Or through JAYPAY.COM

Anthony Covert
DOC #335988


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