Steve Anderson

IT’S ONLY 100%, in your mind…..

The hardest part of living real life is accepting the realities we find there..

Even if you’re never shared it with another living soul., somewhere in the secret recesses of your mind you probably have imagaied your Ms or Mr Right and how incredible He or She be in nearly every way..

When I say (THEIR) I’m speaking of a Man or a Women..

Their soft voice, the details of their personality, the level of their ambition, or the spiritual depth, passion, style and humor She or He possesses..

as far as you’re concerned their perfection personified and he or she
is all yours..

This is, once you find Him or Her..

I hate to rain on your parade, but unless you reality-check your
expectations, the Man or Women your seek will never appear, or the
Man or Women you have will never measure up..

Unrealistic expectations set you up for too much disappointment and make the women or man around you at risk for too much painful

People keep your high hopes and high standards but by all means
get rid of of those self-sabotaging fantasies of a perfect Ms. Right.
or Mr Right, God didn’t create a perfect human, or one without error..

In real life relationships we all must give a reality-check one must be brutally honest in answering these questions :

What am I expecting of the man or women in my life based on reality..
Each person longs to be known for who they are and loved and
accepted as they are..

What they are can be very impressive..


Your voice to God’s ears, He listens and act as
He see for the fitting to His plan…(The-End)****

in having & getting your way ? ?

Wow wee, New Things Comin Soon

HAVE A LOVELY DAY, & SMILE THAT AINT AGAINST THE LAW ! it’s nice to be a+in the [WORLD]…..The End…..

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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