Jonathan Gordon

Today is a decent day, it rained a little this afternoon,it was cold this morning at breakfast. I just got back from the gym it’s about 2:30pm. I did some leg raises, some push ups, the eliptical & the stair stepper.

For breakfast we had 2 pancakes, a serving of oatmeal, 2 sugar packets, half pint of milk, & some people got apples like me, others got a banana. The kitchen has been serving these wierd apples the last few weeks, they look like red & delicious, they are really dark red & sweet, but they are like less than half the size of a normal apple. The same with the bananas they used to give us, they was all small less than half the size of a normal banana. I don’t know where DOC finds these small fruits from.

Once again DOC is playing with my mail. In the last 2 days I have gotten 2 letters back that I sent to HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS. There was a sticker that said that the adresses were wrong. That’s funny because my letters were addressed to other states, yet they went no further than Tacoma, WA post office, or the Olympia, WA post office, so how would they know if the addresses are not valid if they never at least got to the city they are supposed to be going to?

So this is an on going situation, and its always the same thing, the letters get to Olympia or Tacoma then come right back, but when I write family my letters always seem to make it,why is that? Also, I know the addresses are correct because for one I check them more than once before I send them out & 2, they come from valid resource directories of other human rights groups. And I could see if 1 or 2 addresses were not correct, but this has been going on for over a year. So DOC expects me to believe that the address for every organization I attempt to write is worng?

Now I am going to start greivances and to do something about this, maybe even look into starting a lawsuit.

I was watching college basketball the other night & I found out that 2 of the coaches with the most wins in division 1 history are women, Pat Summit of Tennesse, is number 1, Mike “Coach K” of duke is number 2 & Tara Vanderveer of Stanford is number 3, each has over 1,000 wins.

It is a pleasant suprise to know that women i sports have made a mark like that, I love to see things like that, to know that women can be successful in any field that they choose & break limits and barriers. Kudos, props, & much respect to Coaches Summit & Vanderveer.

Thanks for your time.

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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