Jonathan Gordon

Today was payday, I got a whole whopping $42 for ONE MONTH OF WORK. Talk about modern day slavery right? Where else is it legal in the USA to pay someone less than minimum wage, truthfully I should make that in one day for the work that I do.

The weather is rainy again, it started off nice, but the rain has been coming down so I decided not to go out & run today, we have gym tonight at 6 so I will do some push ups & leg raises, maybe even basketball. I have to do something. I am proud to say I’ve already lost the 6 or 7 pounds that I gained when I wasn’t able to work out for those almost 3 weeks last month. PRAISE TO GOD!

Last night Gonzaga had another home game against San Diego State, I missed it because I got the time wrong, ESPN said the game was at 12am Eastern Tuesday, so I thought that meant today, but apparently it was last night 9pm West Coast time, so I ended up seeing the last less than 2 minutes of the game when I was checking Sports Center. Gonzaga won!

Today is black history class taught by Professor Gary Morrell from the local Grays Harbor College, I used to go up until a few months ago, but the class was always being cancelled or he was taking a lot of trips out of country, so I kind of lost interest. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate it when he can make it & it’s an all right class, a couple other students have invited me to come back, so I think eventually I am going to start going back.

I hope that everyone out there is having a good day, Life is to beautiful to waste on drama and being upset/angry/depressed. Believe me I know all about that, being in prison is very depressing.

May God show his mercy, Praise God

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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