Jonathan Gordon

Sorry it has been awhile since anyone has hearf from me. Once again I am having technical difficulties with my JP5 player and sending out the emails and everything. When the players are working we can sit in our rooms, or wherever we are at & compose emails, then save them as drafts whenever we are ready ro send the emails out. When we want to send them out, all we have to do is plug the player up to the main computer with the USB cable & it sends them out.

But since my player is not working correctly, I can’t type any emails so I have to sit here at the computer & type posts, which means that I only have 20 minutes. Being the fact that we only have 2 computers & 130 something people, most times it is difficult to get on. We have a sign up sheet where we can get on the computer once a day, but people don’t respect it and want to fight and argue over whose time it is to get on, so most times I just avoid it.

We signed a contract with JPAY that said we can use the computer up to 5 times a day, but Stafford Creek Prison decided to be the only prison in Washington that says we can only get on ONCE a day, which sucks and is unfair because nobody else is doing that.

So this obviously has happened to me a couple times earlier this year & people don’t like it when I am not able to post, but once again I beg of your forgiveness. I apologize for any inconvience, I have written JPAY twice now asking them to fix the problem, and they completely ignored my requests on the last trouble ticket.

Fortunately my sister is kind enough to buy me a new player, which sucks because she SHOULD NOT HAVE TO. The player only malfunctioned because the company sells faulty merchandise, everyone has trouble with their devices within a short time of receiving them, sometimes they even send us players that don’t even work. It happened to my last year.

So I am far behind on my postings, last week when Donald Trump was elected President of the USA, I wrote a majority of his victory speech & the next day I wrote down a majority of Hilary Clinton’s exceptance speech, then I wrote a piece about how people who have been in prison or convicted of a crime are disenfranchised. Obviously the posts will be late and old news by the time I get them posted, but I am sure there people who haven’t heard the speeches yet, so God willing I will get them posted as soon as I can, thanks.

Also I saw on the news today that some kids in a school somewhere on the east coast walked out of class protesting Trump’s presidency. I have been seeing the nationwide protests, and the meeting Trump and President Obama had, also I got notes from a speech by the first Latina to be elected to some position in Nevada.

Today is football Sunday, I watched a couple of games today. The first one I watched was the Steelers against the Cowboys, the Cowboys won. The second game I watched was the Seahawks against the Patriots, the Seahawks won. Also the other day college basketball started, I watched my team Gonzaga win. I am a fan of Gonzaga because my sister graduated from there with a law degree, I used to visit her sometimes on the campus and stay with her for a few days. Also I lived in Spokane a couple of different times in my life.

Today nothing major has happened yet, I am glad to say though that my digestive system is functioning a lot better, I have been taking metacmucil, but thelast few days I think I am starting to get backed up again, I can feel my system slowing down again, so I am starting to get worried that I might have some problems again.

Last Thursday I wrote a letter for Monique Gore, the second one in the last month or so. She is an advocate on behalf of people in prison in Washington, she knows the mayor of Olympia & some other people in politics. About 3 weeks or so ago she attended a rally at the state capital building in Olympia & took pics, when I get the information about what she has been doing, I will post it. So she has been taking the letters that I wrote with her to the different rallies and meetings she has been attending and reading them, so I really appreciate that.

Today started off rainy, but ending up nice. I went out & ran a couple miles, I am not able to run like I was able to a couple months ago because my body still isn’t 100% healthy, I also did 300 push ups & 150 leg raises & 55 crunches.

take care

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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