Steve Anderson

DON’T LET KNOWLEDGE DO (U) it’s a lot of power in words….

Then you must take to having intelligence and understanding, for the intellect is a blessing…

[And as he says this, he was on the verge of being in grief and sorrow] for many people who possess intellect have busied themselves by getting deeply absorbed in that which is detrimental to them, in terms of being the benefit that they are really in need of…

And sorrow this continued to be the extent that they have now become negligent and absent-minded about what they are really in need of…

And one of the signs of a person who has an excellent intellect, is that they abandons deeply examining matters that should not be deeply examined…

If one does delve deeply into such matters their excellent intellect will become harmful and a curse for them, because they will in up abandoning vying with a person who is doing fewer good deeds then them…

The importance of seeking knowledge is to also know how to apply it in the correct fashion…

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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