Steve Anderson

LITTLE THOUGHTS CREATES, some of the best trophy memories in ones HEART

Some people live to gain the big fortune of cash or some
kind of power ; other’s live to be apart of true love, in
giving and receive the highest emotion…

In knowing is to care to love, is to give it becomes very
powerful when developed into unconditional love, for the actions and words of ones heart and soul, God did that…

Some people live for the fame, or to be in control ; Other people
get beside themselves when given power due to how they were treated growing up, I see a lot of that on this side of the world…

Some get high on getting and having power over others, it’s that
big me shit it makes them look bad as a humenbeing…

For any wrong thoughts developed into a reason in your mind that the authority of power will make you a honorable person or capture the gaining of respect, [It don’t work that way]…

People respect is gained by one working hard doing a good job, from being yourself as respecting yourself and others, being a team player as much as you can, It’s so much more to being a human being…

Your intentions are imperative, not a goal to gain something that should’ve been in planted in yourself already, yourself esteem leads you to be great, but you must feed it sound truth…

To be a leader is to lead and build a stronger team, its never
just about you…

Assisting the struggle, yea some people live just to be apart of making sure others are
[OK] and not in [NEED]…

One must be versatile, once again the power of words, say what
you mean, mean what you say in having something to say, and
People if it’s bad just keep it to yourself, cause if your putting
another person down YOUR THE FOOL,

It’ll be your lost in the long run please believe that…


[That sees better in God’s Creation]….

That be the best part keeping it 100% sharing knowledge that bring growth…

OK people I am working on part#2..
I feel a lot better so stay tone…

And please always give to the struggle, it could just be you saying something nice to another you may see that’s having a rough day, a smile or words of encouragement do a lot for one heart that’s forced with the unknown of a STRUGGLE…..the end…..

Take Care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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