Steve Anderson

IT’S A LAW YOU MUST UPHOLD ~ 24/7, minding your own affairs, not the others…..

As for the student of knowledge upon the path of salvation, they are the ones who, through their studying, seeks to and hopes to be saved from neglecting and omitting the obligatory duties and from preferring their own self over foregetting and staying silent [about the faults] of self and others….

Many things are for God’s ears only, but if you think by making
another person look bad is the cool thing to do? well not and
it dam sure ain’t apart of His plan, I feel I can safely say….

So many people engage so freely into back-bitting others, some do so
just to keep the light off of the wrong they have done….

I think it’s safe to say we all know someone that can’t wait to
tell it all, about someone’s else’s business, like it’s the thing to not
just do, but be apart of, some people run their character over like
ten times a day….

back-bitting~(in meaning)~ Talking about others in #1, a negative fashion, #2 To speak to another person about what someone else did, and in
doing so its making them look to be a bad person, even if it’s
true it’s not your place to speak upon….

Staying focus on yours business, is you conducting your affairs it not just your life, but its staying out of others business that keeps
you to being focus….

Back-bitting also puts you in a category, of one who have neglected
self many time and who are pleased with their condition, which is
the lowest state of decay and descent….

The ones thats back-bitting have no respect of a insight or understanding in their lives or another, breathin in doubt thats piercing into their
hearts with the first attack of the uncertainty, it’s a real danger to
be infatuated by your own ignorance of the reality of the matter….

The person who remains unknown is the hidden one who is not mentioned or recognized by others that is a sign of righteousness….

This is became the sincere ones are always fearful of showing off and so they work hard to deceive the people in order to avert their eyes from seeing their rghteous actions they do for another….

Proof Of The Righteousness

Take Care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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