Jonathan Gordon

Wednesday 10-26-16
I checked into medical about 8am because I had been having abdominal pain for the last 3 days nonstop. At about 9am I was wheeled on a stretcher into the back of an ambulance and went to downtown Aberdeen’s Grays Harbor Community Hospital. After an x-ray & a doughnut CAT scan the doctor in the ER told me there was an obstruction in my upper transverse colon.

The ER doctor told me that it might just be backed up fecal matter, a nurse gave me a dose of doloted. The doctor said that if I don’t get better in about 4 days or so to have myself readmitted, they almost gave me emergency surgery.

Because there was so much gas backed up in my abdomen, the techs couldn’t get a clear reading to see exactly what the obstruction was. The doctor prescribed benatol for the pain & cramping & dulcolax as a laxative.

About 3:25pm I came back to Stafford Creek Prison & the P/A Ms. Lystad admitted me to the infirmary. I was given an anal tube, where they stuck a red tube up my colon to try to break p the gas, it didn’t work it just put me in worse pain. After that I gave myself an enema with some saline mixture the nurse gave me, that took about 10 minutes to work.

Later I was given a seltzer like saline mixture that tasted like lemon, it was a laxative. That took about 3 hours to work. I till about 1am, then the nurse came in and gave me another dose of the saline drink & some dulcolax.

The pain was terrible.

Thursday 10-27-16
My first night in the infirmary is over, I feel aot better, but still in pain, about half as much as I was on Wednesday. The nurse came in at 6am to check my abdomen to see if the gas was moving, it was. I could feel it, it felt wierd. my stomach was gurgly & bubbly & uncomfortable.

They asked me about my bowel movements, I told the nurse & P/A Ms.Lystad that nothing but liquid was coming out. I had breakfast, at lunch time Ms. Lystad came back & put me on a liquid diet. I assumed the liquid diet would be the same thing they give people who have broken jaws–milkshakes…I WAS WRONG. I received nothing but buillion cubes to make broth, green jello, & a few ounces of apple juice.

I was so tired from all the trauma my body had been through the last 24 hours, all the pain, all the purging of my system trying to get that obstruction out. My body was still trying to deficate & expel, but nothing came out. I cramped up really badly, it felt like someone was wringing my abdomen out like a towel. About same time as Wednesday right before lunch, the nurses had me give myself another saline enema. This one was worst than the last one, it hurt so bad when my body was expelling all that liquid.

I watched more basketball, Tuesday & Wednesday nights were opening day in the NBA, tonight I watched the LA Clippers beat the Portland Trail Blazers. Pretty uneventful night, once again about 1am, the nurse came in & gave me some milk of magnesia & that nasty seltzer drink again, it took about 3 hours almosat 4am before it worked.

I was in so much pain, and so uncomfortable after that. But things are getting better, the pain is getting better.

Friday 10-28-26
I was still on the liquid diet in the morning, right around lunch time another healthcare provider came to see me. I have never met him before, he introduced himself as Mr. Light, he was with a woman named Ms. Martin whom he was training to be the new provider for unit H5.

Mt. Light did the stethoscope on my stomach, he said he could hear some movement, so that is good. He also asked if I wanted to be on the liquid diet still, I told him that I did not. Mr. Light said that he wanted to keep me another night, but I explained to him that I had the fundraiser on Saturday, I had $20 invested in it & that I needed to get back to H2 (unit) because there ain’t any refunds.

I slept for part of the afternoon, I woke up watched a little TV, right before dinner they came & gave me another enema, this time it worked like it’s supposed to (2-5), my feces was green, and watery, I think green because of the jello. The nurse gave me this thing called a hat to put over the toilet to catch my feces so they could examine it.

I dinner came, I had my first solid food in over 24 hours that was good, for dinner it was pizza, or should I say cardboard like dough, tomato sauce, white cheese, we had some thick jojos, corn, carrots & some really good brown colored cake with sweet white frosting. It tooks a while for me to be able to eat because of the enema, my stomach was all messed up.

About 6pm Mr. Light came back & said that he wanted to keep me in the infirmary over the weekend, but he also said he understood that I to get back to H2 to get to the fundraiser. Then he asked if I would stay for the night and take this medication that they call golightly to empty my bowels, I said possibly. I used the bathroom and he came back and said he was signing the papers for me to go back to H2.

On the way out the nurse gave me these three cardboard swabs to take samples of my next three poops, and told me that I would have to return them back to medical when I was done. She also gave me a pack of baby wipes to clean up the watery feces I been having.

I got back to the unit and a lot of people asked what happened, where I had been. I received a pretty warm reception. It was nice to know that so many people cared about what had happened to me, just about everyone I associate with said they prayed for me. I thank God for the support, & for helping me make it through this tough situation I am in.

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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