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I was waiting for the movement to be called in from Big Yard. When I saw this guy with his hands cupped, holding something. I couldn’t help myself but to think of what he was holding.

I’ve seen this guy around before, on the weight deck, running laps and I have played a few games of hand ball with him. But don’t really know him, or even what his name is.

In prison its not smart to be to nosy and all up in peoples business. You could be in a fight real quick. So for not knowing this guy to well I am not just going to go up and bother him. He might be doing something important, and talking to him right now might screw up his plans or what ever he might be up to.

As I am standing there, my buddy walks up to me and we start chatting about our workout we just did.

The guy that had his hands cupped and was holding something walks up to us and starts talking to my buddy. As he’s talking to us he keeps opening his hands and checking on whats in his hand. I catch a glimpse of what looks like a plant of some sort.

Before I can say anything, he says to my buddy “I found another one for my wife. Its right here.” My buddy said “let me see.” He opens his hands, and what I see is a rooted up four leaf clover. That’s right, a four leaf clover, roots and all.

Here’s my shot to ask what he’s talking about. When I asked, he goes on to explain the whole story.

He sent one to his daughter a few years ago. She replanted it, and it grew. It continued to grow so much she has had to repot it several times. And its quite big now.

I was amazed that it survived when it got sent out. Then was alive when she received it to replant it.

He said the funniest thing to me. “Its a weed. It will grow just like that, a weed.”

He’s right. Flowers just don’t grow the same as a weed, or in this case a four leaf clover. Flowers have to be cared for, watched, watered, pampered and then end up dying.

This won’t. It just keeps going and thriving. Just ad water and bam, it lives. Remember, its a weed. Just cooler because its a FOUR LEAF CLOVER.

I thought about this and was so blown away by the thought that was put into this idea, and how it can be used to bridge the gap between prison and out there with loved one’s.

Its something I have put a lot of time and effort into. I must spend time looking for this special plant. The love, effort and care that I can put forth into finding this clover and then shareing it with my niece that I have never met. Trying to build a bond and a relationship with her. Its just cool!

A couple of the other things I have done to try and build a relationship with her for that last couple of years are.

I would write letters to her. Problem was she’s just 4 yrs old and couldn’t read. . All those letters had to be read to her. It just took a little out of the letters for me.

Just last year I hear she liked Lego’s. I did too when I was a kid. I had a lot of Lego’s when I was her age. So I was hoping my parents still had them. They did so I told them to give all the Lego’s to her and tell her they were from me and were mine when I was her age.

Also I was told she was learning to read and could read big bold words if they were easy words to read. So I wrote a letter just like that to her, and she read it on video while opening her present on Christmas morning. I can’t wait to see the home movie.

So this year, I think it would be really neat for her to get something like this from me and then have it grow at her house for the next several years.

Its worth a try, Right?

I don’t even know what to expect myself.

something so small,
can mean so much!!

If you have any questions or comments that you want to ask or share with me. Feel free to contact me at

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476


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