Steve Anderson

Part #1. LOVING A PERSON WITH ALL THE TOOLS makes one just more loveable…

Well first people please know how you precive another has everything to
do with how you will relate to them ( and of course how they
will relate back to you..

I plan to help fine tune your image of a the tools needed, it will
only work for you by staying open-minded, and willing to boldly
eamine your own ways of thinking and the beliefs that you have
made into laws..

The tools I will speak on will deliver assistant to bring you at
your best that you have to give, in rewarding you the very best
in Spiritually, Physically, mentally, emotionally in your relationship..

Make no mistake Loving another person, any other person, is a job
that requires both people to add growth to the relationship daily, it’s
no timeout not if your real about it and is demonstrating everything
in your power that [SAYS REAL LOVE]…

It’s a profoundly appealing job and one that not all but many of
us take very seriously, the reward is for two and it last a lifetime,cause the other becomes your bestfriend, you love to do anything with them as long as you guys are together..

This is kinda crazy but true, have you ever watch another person
that you truly love sleep, and at that time some of the most beautiful thoughts travel through your mind that develops and creates a big smile on your face, it’s kinda like watching a movie..

The power of understanding the (LAW)

If your better half gets home and you ask them how was their
day, and they say not so good or it was a bad day today..

THE LAW IS TO KICK IN> it’s your job to bring their mind
away from what made their day bad, to deliver the smiles
and laughter that be going on when you’re together, as I said good company is hard to find..

But it’s a job, with that note we all want to do the work
in this field and excel at discovering ways do the best one
can and be the reciever of greater results, that’s the winning goal it’s
for [TWO]…

The quality of your love, and your effectiveness at expressing it to
the person thats in your life, bring me to strongly point out the
imperative ness of having open communication in your relationship, listening is so important, not waiting to [TALK]…

If you chose not to see open communication as a factor in all relationship and don’t speak freely, can’t say how you feel, well sooner then you
may realize they will find someone that loves to hear their voice, and
listens to how they feel..

That’s crazy, speaking for myself I can have a conversation with a women, and the woman will tell me what’s missing in her life, or what
she needs more of, you should always want others to feel comfortable
in speaking with you, and know without doubts, >


People if it’s missing one day your going to get the news,>

[THIS RELATIONSHIP IS OVER] or you’ll be know as the (side piece), just cause of the state ability that you two have built together..

When I think of “love” I’m thinking about a balanced and deliberate commitment to another person, that is demonstrated by action..

Action that benefits your mate without discounting yourself, but will deliver these tools of caring, creative, and consistent, without being
self-devaluing, manipulative or self centered..

And when I say satisfaction,” I mean the abiding contentment and confidence that the result from committing to love someone, being, loved in return, and knowing and doing the actions that most effectively demonstrate that love..

Wow I was on the highway I’m going to have to do apart 2, or more with this piece, cause it’s a lot I ain’t even got to yet..

11/2/2016 All done within a day I’m hoping its something in anyone of my blogs that’ll have you wishing to tell a FRIEND, let’s pass this on
as I said it ain’t just for [US]

got to go now have a good night and be safe, and always give to the [STRUGGLE]

As you people can see I’m very serious about sharing my words, as
I have said I feel by me getting my words out to the world..

I’m giving back due to the fact one may learn something new, or
gain a better understanding on a subject I blog about, or it may bring you closer to a special one, or friend, family members..

It’s something to gain in my words, and I enjoy blogging cause I’m in love with the power of words..

Take Care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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