Steve Anderson

Sometimes a lonely soul has great thought’s ideals

Do you listen excessively know ? or to gain understanding ?

Some man spends their life stuck on getting revenge, might as well
dig two graves,, the hate will kill you within, and it’s God’s decision’s
when others pas away….

As I have stated I keep myself in a happy place, on the same note if you decide too step on my laws a sanction will be handed down, as I see fit for such disrespectful act’s..

I can hold a conversation with anyone, as I have said I’m in love in
seeking knowledge, and love to share, at this point any topics brings
good company to be created, I do kinda know a lot about both world’s the streets life and having a honest paying job and paying my bills on time..

I am a team player and will not leave a soldier in need or a huggry
person without food, I will always do what I can I’m really down with
the good looking out policy, Them laws are imperative and have been placed by and for the people that understands the struggle..

As you see I love blogging and it has almost been two years, and as I said I’m very thankful for all the people that has given their time to leaving their thoughts and encouraging words..

You know everyday someone goes free, from here or another prison, my point is many of us man know and understand the wrong that placed us were we sit, doing time..

Yes it’s painful to and for ones family and friends, but when you do nothing, I’m saying in supporting one in the struggle..

Well if your one of them people that’s doing nothing, no giving good talk, or giving time to just listen, or saying things that you have no way to bring into reality for them, lying is bad also all your doing is showing how you don’t truly care and love and want the best for another..

OK so the person did some real hurtful things to you, look at the bad part of that picture is seem like you been waiting all this time to get some get back, that very ugly.. Due to the fact God forgives…..SO WHO ARE YOU NOT TO……

People always do what you can..

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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