Steve Anderson

COULD OUR PROJECTION BE OFF ? alot of our beliefs & feelings have no rights_to be…..

Being ignorant of the truth, one sees only the projections that plays
in their mind – which means that all the horrible thoughts we think
will seem to be true, this is also called your mind playing tricks
on you, it could also be your rights to having opinion & perception..

I’m one to always advise people that seeking knowledge is imperative, it’s better to know then not, and thats kinda like being lost when one
don’t ask questions to get the right driction..

Seeing our mental creations as the truth, we develop a somber attitude toward life, start looking at things with no rights to do so..

With this attitude, much of life becomes unenjoyable, you’ll find one always complaining, and looking down at others, oh that’s judging, pointing at them is looking at you..

We think we hate something because of what it is. We don’t realize
that it appears the way it does because of our hatred for it..


Pluse your gifts will never shine reason being your focus on the negative of a thought..

In many cases that statement holds truth, other truth are clearer then
the blueskys on a sunny day, it’s many different ways that one can gain
truth or sound knowledge, and it’s not by looking down on the creation..

Almost all of the unpleasantries of life can be traced to our own
miss concept are another persons negative thoughts & emotions, now this is the funny part, we habitually blame this on others and fail to take responsiblity for what we feed ourseleves, and download into ones mind..

We live in a society that has it’s own beliefs about life and the world, it’s own ethics and morality, and it’s own sense of priorities..

We can look back in history and see that other civilizations obviously did not understand some of the most basic facts about life or this world, even many things that small children today take for granted..

Yet we feel that everything worth knowing is know today. We don’t realize that we still live in an ignorant society, that we are influenced by mass judgements that conditions and restricts some of our previous thought, feelings, and beliefs..

We deals with all these ideals about what is right and wrong, what is good and what is bad, what is spiritual and worldly..

Somethngs fills us with so much pride ; other things has the power to
fill one heart & soul with guilt, or lonely ness, missunderstanding, unworthy and the one that brings destruction is the hatefulness we let guide us away from what is JUST..

We go through so many emotional fluctuations because of the ways we’ve been programmed to think..

I say programed (in meaning) what others feel to be truth thats given these days so freely with it’s (ands) & about three (mybes) & some (ifs) all from one that was a victim of another inheritor, so they become, if they download the given without doing the homework to make sure 3+3=6..

At some point one must seek the knowledge that will give one the
rights to sharing truth with others, doing the homework is fun, and it brings people together in having things in common..

Very few people trust themselves enough to act and speak spontaneously, just as this naxt statement, say what you mean, mean what you say (in truth) that what makes it joyful, to known..

As children, not all many was ridiculed when one attempted to freely express themselves, be one to listen, it’s cool and is apart of the good
life to assisting another is apart of higher learning when given your time..

As I have said it’s not against the law to share how you feel
as long as you keep it 100%, to be one that tells a lie is
to add more pollution to creation, thats not winning, God only allows so much He brings death and gives life just as the rain brings growth
to the land and more..

Loyalty can be a persons downfall if it ain’t put in the proper perspective.~ On the strength of most people’s loyalty, they tend to place themselves under obligations to those who are close to them..

If you haven’t gained control with your tboughts, feelings which is apart of creating beliefs, you have no right to assist another person especially when your living with false beliefs and is an inheritor of words and another peoples actions…..!

I Enjoyed Creating this Piece, Thank You For Your Time..

And I do ask of yo too give time to leaving your thoughts and opinions on my words, to get better is us..

And I am very thankful for the people that have given time to leaving their words and opinions they are very incouraging, and it let’s me know I am giving.. Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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