Steve Anderson


At times the act of rendering trust to another person become very regretful, trusting given so freely to a person that do not measure up within themselves, so with that alone the deliverance of loyalty, honestly, trust, and respect could never be given 83% from them, surely not 100%..

When one of these are not present, 83%.

the lasting of a long fruitful relationship will not leave the ground, or
last long..


Who got your back ??? in sayin who’s going to really be there for
you (insha Allah) first let me state, I’m hoping nothing take a wrong
turn in your life to have to find out, but you must give
time to finding out, who got your back ??

Who will you go all out for ?? to put everything on the line,
with the power of their word..

Who has that kind of power over you ?? will they use it justly ??

Do others go all out for you ??

I’m rolling with you,~{in saying I’m going with you, and what ever
happens I’m cool with it..

What assistance do they render to you ??

Is it positive ?? do they add growth to your goals ? or to your
relationships with others? or Thiers ?

Is it sound knowledge, or widom with loyalty and honor, respect ,.Giving understanding that can be understood, people that’s good company with some other good quality’s, as they listens and give their best in hoping that it gives you better..

Then you got the others that are doing nothing but they got a good
lie and some old ass jokes, their best intrest is not in growth
and the problems you have, they give no time to listen..

In fact you should just ask them
WHAT DO YOU WONT ? AND WHY ARE YOU HERE ?? Not to be mean but we must stop wasting our own time let alone letting another do it..

I’m down with you, what’s the true meaning to them words ? do you know?

Well people I got me ! ,, I’m not putting myself out there to be dissatisfied by another’s actions or words, skip the trip’s to get nothing is still a waste of time, growth comes whit sharing..

I only had unconditional love two time’s in my life, and well as for
true friends many in the old life I once lived, as of today not

I do have some loyaled partners that share knowledge, understanding, truth, honesty, wisdom, and is very much down with the good looking out policy they will always do what they can, just as I it’s an unspoken law inplanted by many..

God blessed my mother to bring a giver into this world, and is working on being a honorable man..! (It’s a must ! )

I got to have me, if nobody had my back I did..

You got to have your own back, as much a you can, male it
law to becoming your bestfriend, cause to be forced one day to have
to make not just right decisions but health one, on the fly, well if
you stay ready you won’t have to get ready..

Cause as they say it’s your life, and to fully understand this
you must always give time for self, and stay looking for a
better position that can bring better to your world..

It ain’t agenest the law to be HAPPY..

And to love what you choose to do in life, that makes it not just a job, cause when it’s loved you put your heart into your work and it show’snand others appreciate your skills and YOU..

People have a good day and be safe..


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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