Ronald May

Hello reader

It is so nice to be able to write down my thought’s and try to share a bit of myself with the outside world. I had spent about four hours on the first draft of this posting but after contemplating I gave up and simply deleted it. The spaciousness of a new draft can be so very invigorating to boring down and explaining yourself properly.
During my time off from the blogosphere I continued to make inner change and without going into great detail this time, I am closer now to the person I wad trying to rediscover than ever before. Perhaps you understand that already about me but I shall explain it another time if the subject presents itself well enough to be interesting.
I have many things that I would like to write about in future drafts. One of the regrets is I never got to write about Nightime or the Moon. Sounds so simple does’nt it. Practicaly a snooze festival but I hope you wont think so once I post them up. As well, writing about our state of the nation and a few other select topics that I continue to roll around in this rattle trap brain of mine. So, I hope to update every three weeks or so. I just feel like my blog should be substantive to the best of my ability for you. That is why it sometimestakes a week more because the first draft or the subject itself has the wrong feel.
Pandering to you or outlaying minutia would be a disappointment to me and so I will try to always write something with heft that has relevancy or perhaps it is something you take for granted. What do I mean? Okay fine one example:
Are you aware that if I so desired I could write an entire post on the beauty of Cheese? How much I miss watching a triple creme Brie slowly warm to room temperature and the spreading it on a rustic crispy sourdough loaf. How a small log of Chevre’ tastes as you slice off pieces and place them with something savory or something sweet, it does not matter which. Oh, and Sour Cream! Lord how I could go on about all the gastronomic delight’s to be had with that. But, as I said I do not want to bore you dear reader, hehehe!
Okay, so, now you have some idea about what is next and coming down the line. I will do my best to get them to you on time but since I cannot read any comments I shall just have to acknowledge that my Sister is probably the only kind soul indulging me in this exercise and so that most likely being the case I will just say in the old familiar way, I am writing as fast as I can Sis, love ya.
Please check back soon as I will post again in no time. Take care.

Ronald May
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