Steve Anderson


A delivered God given gifts is when one receives the rights from God of the
next breath of freshair and that gives assistance too the blood that flows through our body’s and creates our heartbeat..

The opening of your eyes after a resting period or you getting a good night of sleep, is a given gift, just as walking to get your mail, being able to see, it’s so many thing to be thankful fore, we over look so much..

On a higher level who gives you the rights to being created ? To being blessed of bring another into this world ? ?

Yes it’s all Gods decision The One And Only Creator Of All..decides on everything, just as I’m so sure you have heard, it’s all has been WRITTEN by God already, and people it’s no such thing as luck, luck is a jelasecy of success.. it’s not in any Safeway stores, or Kmart..

To clearly understand some of God’s powers God has shared a small part of that He has given sound knowledge, and understanding to the Prophets and Messengers..

Just as looking to the sky to gain understanding that man does not control any part’s of the rain, wind or which ways the clouds move..

With many other things of creation, we being apart of that we have no power at all, that should bring one to their knees in prayer..

We must give Him his rights in praising Him in the fashion He has dictated to the Messenger and Prophet’s..

To decide not to for any earthly reasons is of the same state as being dead, and not understanding your perpose of being apart of God’s plan, that is very unhealthy to ones all..[Life]

We all have a good concept of death, it’s as of being sleep, one really do not know what goes on

My dad told me a long time ago that wanting revenge is like sipping poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

Why you give time on things your own brain can’t change..The End

I know since I started back to writing my blogs have been long I plan to shorten them soon..


Steve Anderson
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  1. A great post from you, people usually take the whole glory to themselves not remembering God who made everything, being thankful to God is a great way to open the windows of blessings in our lives. Keep it on, I love it…


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